Thomas and Friends

My son received this as a special book from Hubby. Needless to say, it’s his FAVOURITE book, which I have to tote everywhere we go!

This thick, cased board book (36 pages) has a variety of long and short rhymes, about Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends on the Isle of Sodor.

He got to know most of the characters from this book, rather than from the TV, as we do not have the Cartoon Network etc.

The bold and colourful illustrations are very eye-catching and detailed – the book is our reference for Thomas and Friends.  My 20 month old toddler knows almost every name of ANY train on the island of Sodor.

If you want to know all about Thomas and his friends, “Thomas & Friends: Railway Rhymes” is definitely the book to read. Your toddler or preschooler will LOVE you and the idea of reading the book again and again and again!

One night, we were reading “Sir Handel”, one of the little Thomas and Friends books.

Or we could have been reading about “Emily”, the only one of his favourite female trains…

Anyway, we came to a page when the 20-month old British steam train expert exclaimed indignantly: “This not Edward!”

Me, I’m just the bedtime story reader, what do I know?!

The toddler, determined to substantiate his stand, strode out of the bedroom for the thick tome in the hall.

First, he showed me the offending impostor, pretending to be Edward (left) and the real “Oh, Edward Blue,…”

Then, he proceeded to show me this page of Donald and Douglas the twins and I could see that the blue train looked like Douglas. But isn’t Douglas a black train???

Anyway, we start reading the names of each train (poem titles), we’ve progressed to some of the shorter rhymes that this Mum can muster just before bedtime.

Some of the verses rhyme, some of them don’t so children learn that the English language is a mix of poetry and prose.

While the vocabulary centers around the railway and the English countryside, little Thomas fans will also learn useful terms about road transport, numbers and positive values like being a “really useful” person, teamwork and even gender issues through “Emily”.

His favourite rhyme is “Bertie” because of this poem has short, staccato beats and various onomatopeia (sounds) in it. He’s had the poem memorized that whenever I read it, he chimes in with the words that he can pronounce.

A must-have for Thomas’ fans! Be warned of the added weight you’ll be carrying around with the die cast trains but this book is a value-for-money buy 🙂