How to Travel Light

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!

We’ve just returned from our Chinese New Year celebration and am still recovering 🙂

For future packing purposes, I am going to list down what we really need the next time we go for anywhere for 1 week:

  • 1 big check-in bag (max of 25 kg)  or
  • a medium sized one maxed at 20 kg + 1 small check-in bag (max of 5 kg)

Father – Carrying his backpack + 1 cabin bag

Me – I’m only carrying my handbag and the little one’s hands. NO back pack. NO cabin bag.

Son – 1 back pack and helped with 1 cabin bag

Daughter – 1 back pack – I am so proud of her coz she’s petite but she carried her back pack like a real soldier 🙂

We do need to allocate additional space for:

  • shopping and
  • A LOT OF FOOD lovingly made, bought and packed by my mother-in-law. The best!!!