Chinese New Year dress…

We’ve just come back from the shopping mall, which was looking very festive with red lanterns, red hong baos and etc!

Anyway, shopping for the Chinese New Year has started in full swing since it is less than FOUR WEEKS away.

We have just recovered from Christmas and now, we’re preparing for Chinese New Year.

Shopping for clothes for Chinese New Year is always a headache for me but this year, I have been successful with about 3-4 suits (I think).

Orange top and gold leggings

For the first day of Chinese New Year, one is supposed to be all decked out in bright, auspicious colours like red, pink, orange or gold. This year, I will be wearing an orange linen top and gold leggings 🙂

Last year, I wore a red qipao and hoped that I could wear a RED FLORAL DRESS this year but nope, I could not find THE dress.

Floral blouses

For the rest of the days, I’ve got a bunch of floral blouses that will see me through entertaining the guests and helping out with serving the food and washing up.

Loving these lightweight chiffon or breezy, cotton blouses to keep me cool.

Besides the gold leggings, I also managed to get a pair of RED leggings for the floral blouses.

I think I’m all ready now for Chinese New Year – Xin Nian Kuai Le!