Flying with kids

For the past few years, I’ve flown on AirAsia:

a) when I was pregnant – at about 7 months (31 weeks) when morning sickness was over and I got my mojo back 😀

b) when I was pregnant WITH a toddler

Here are some tips:

1. Book early to save money

That goes without saying, right? Cheap fares are marked “PROMO”.

Also, confirm, double confirm and triple confirm your flight dates and times before you book because it’d you an arm and a leg to CHANGE the flight schedule.

2. Check that the “Check in baggage – Medium – XXX” box is UN-checked

Once, I didn’t have any check-in luggage but ended up paying for it! -_-

AirAsia allows the following:

“Passengers (except infants) are allowed two (2) items of baggage to be carried on board. The items of baggage may be a combination of any TWO of the following:
a cabin bag + a laptop bag or
a cabin bag + a handbag or
a laptop bag + a handbag.

The cabin bag shall not exceed the dimensions of 56cm X 36cm X 23cm and must not weigh more than 7kg. Such baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin.”

Check-in baggage fees:
Supersize Regular (15 kg)
Supersize Medium (20 kg)
Supersize Large (25 kg)
Supersize Extra Large (30 kg)
You’ll only need to pay for the weight you’re carrying!

What’s great about Baggage Supersize is that things like baby prams/strollers/buggies, wheelchairs, mobility devices and walking frames can be checked-in for free.

Do not bring excess baggage or you will charged by the weight, which is TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT.

3. Priority Booking

When I was pregnant, I took the check-in baggage option AND the priority booking. Seriously, you don’t want to queue behind 100s of passengers on your feet when you’re tired and pregnant.

Furthermore, you’ll find that not many people care nowadays if you’re pregnant, travelling with kids or elderly!

During one of my flights when I was 7 months pregnant, I was actually asked to carry the baby stroller myself and hold the toddler by the hand O_O

AirAsia staff are quite busy since they need to do almost everything on their own. In the end, I waited for everyone else to go ahead and called on one of the ground staff to help carry the stroller.

4. Pre-book Meals

If you travel with kids, you’ll find them asking for food and drinks when they see the AirAsia staff serving the passengers who had pre-booked their meals first e.g. the nasi lemak.

Since I dislike whiny kids, we will hop over to the AirAsia website and let the kids choose their meals.

5. Flight Delays

To be fair, most AirAsia flights have always been on time but lately, I’ve been hearing of more and more flight delays.

Be prepared to witness some explosive dramas as disgruntled passengers argue and fight with the ground staff…

Be prepared to sleep at the airport…

Ready to fly AirAsia?

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