The Squat Challenge

Have you ever used a squat toilet?

For many visitors to China, it may be the first time they encounter a squat toilet (esp. horribly dirty ones like this!!!).

While I try to avoid toilets like the above, there are a few cases of emergency where I HAD no choice but to hold my breath and let it go…

I have no problem with a squat toilet because I’d grew up with these toilets.

And you know what? Squatting is actually very good for you 🙂

30-day squat challenge

Before you start doing 50 – 500 squats per day, take note that squat reps i.e. focusing on squats only will result in chunky thighs and knee problems.

Instead, try to squat in your daily lifestyle e.g. Chinese ladies squat at the market as they choose fresh fruits from boxes.

American Dreams in China (movie)

See how natural it is for Chinese young men to squat?

Check out the Chinese gentlemen squatting to discuss motor mechanics:

Squatting for incontinence

If you want to do a squat, like the ones needed for the squat toilet will also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles responsible for urine control i.e. prevent incontinence).

A birthing nurse also told me that you can do your Kegel exercises when you’re squatting.

After I had my baby boy, I suffered from slight incontinence when I laughed or sneezed too much but now, I realize that I do not have that problem anymore because I had to squat a lot to wash the bathroom or the kid’s stuff 🙂

If you’re looking for an exercise to tone your pelvic floor muscles, start doing deep squats, ladies!

Why not try yoga or tai chi?

I am a yoga practitioner and when I was pregnant, I continued with my yoga stretches, which include poses like this Pregnancy Yoga: Week 21 of Pregnancy

I hope that you will start squatting to do stuff around the kitchen. Soon, you will notice lots of improvements!

If you have a question, you can just drop me a line here.