Szechuan is sìchuān (四川)

Sichuan is famous for the tongue numbing Sichuan peppercorns in this fish dish:

Deep fried fish with Sichuan peppersNow, Sichuan is famous for the second earthquake which has left:

  • 200 people dead or missing.
  • 11,800 people injured.
  • 100,000 homeless.

The average Chinese has very little to call their own thus when they lose their home, they seriously lose everything because that’s all that they have.

One of my former colleagues is from Chengdu and he has invited us to visit for years and years. However, I find it extremely challenging travelling with our toddler that I have declined.

Channel News Asia reports that travel and tours to Sichuan are not affected and that the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not issued a travel advisory to that region yet.

I pray that he and his family (he is married with a child and lives with his parents) are safe.