Rain, rain go away

Yesterday was the beginning of “Sports Day” at our school, which was supposed to be a fun event if not for the bad weather.

The kids were divided into red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple etc colours.

There was running, jumping and of course, a lot of shouting by the P.E. teachers. Phew, I once knew a P.E. teacher and while I envied her fit and trim physique, she told me that teaching P.E. is not as fun as I’d think. Now, I know what she means 😉

Since we were not allowed to be helicopter parents, we could only hear what goes on inside.

After the event, I noticed one of my friend’s son with a mud-splattered t-shirt walking dolefully out of the school. He didn’t even smile when I waved at him.

I soon found his mom who told me that he’d slipped on the grass and fell into a pool of mud. Poor guy. She consoled him by telling him it’s all part of the fun of sports.

Then, I met my son who had an equally doleful look. No mud-splattered t-shirt though.

I asked him the reason for the unhappy face and he said, “We didn’t get to do anything because IT STARTED RAINING!!!”

He was very, very disappointed because he had been running as fast as he could a few days before.

I feel really sorry for him because he works so hard at school, sports is his one chance to relax and run around.

I love running so I know the feeling.

To cheer him up, I let him use his sister’s bath tub for some water fun. I hope that he’ll get his sports practice next week!