Going to the Hospital

If you need to visit the doctor in China, here are some important terms you should know:

1. Registration – 挂号 [guàhào]

2. Doctor – 医生(醫生)[yīshēng]

3. Medical check-up – tíjiǎn (禔 検) – read here for a preview of the complete procedure.

4. Breathe in, breathe out – 呼吸 [hūxī] – you may hear the doctor say, “Who? See? Who? See?” 😀

5. A medical examination, which may also mean a blood test – 监察 [jiānchá]

6. Allergy attack – guòmǐn (过敏(過敏)

Other than that, just wait for instructions as you are directed from one room to another by nurses dressed in cute, pink scrubs uniforms.

Be warned that going to a hospital in China can be quite a harrowing experience. Just breathe, hang on till it’s over and then go for a nice meal to de-stress. That’s what I usually do.

All the best!