Rambutan is red hairy fruit (hóngmáodān 红毛丹)

Rambutan is known as “hairy fruit” in English? Hahaha…

In Chinese, it’s called hóngmáodān (红毛丹) or “red haired fruit”.

As you can see in the styrofoam box above, it’s imported. The fruit seller couldn’t tell me where it’s from though.

I bought some rambutan to try and gave a few to my domestic helper to try.

I asked her if she’d eaten them before, she said no. I showed her how to peel its thick skin to reveal the juicy, translucent flesh inside.

I ate one to show her its texture and also that I throw away the seed (just in case!). She kind of liked it and I felt happy that I’ve introduced a Malaysian fruit overseas 🙂

Do the Chinese like it? Yes, they do 😀

It’s fascinating how keen they are on trying new types of fresh fruits like rambutan.

What can I say?

Fresh fruits are an important part of the Chinese diet.