Series of Unfortunate Events

If there’s ever a series of unfortunate events, it’s definitely the past few weeks:

I dropped my laptop

Yup, I dropped the new Toshiba Satellite laptop that I’d bought to replace my beloved old laptop.

I’d been sitting on the floor and placed the laptop on the sofa. Because it’s plugged in, I got up suddenly to grab something or grab the tot (I can’t remember now) and my leg caught the wire and pulled it off the sofa!!! (cries)

After I’d settled the kids, I tried to start up the Toshiba Satellite again but ALL my data and photos are GONE (cries again).

I have partial back-ups of the photos but my data? Gone with the wind.

I’ve had to buy:

i) a new hard drive i.e. Western Digital 320 GB Notebook Hard Drive ($43.99)

ii) an external storage Western Digital 320 GB Passport 2.0 USB Hard Drive (I think I should work for Western Digital)

I am still looking for the cheapest (or even free) version of Microsoft Home & Office.

My son broke out in hives again!

It’s actually his 4th or 5th allergy attack this year, which is why he’s gone for an allergy test, which revealed that he’s allergic to dust, egg white…

Due to this, I also started “Going Organic” and went on “The Real Food Challenge

Since he cannot eat school food, I’ve had to cook and pack his breakfast, lunch and snack.

We are now maid-less 😀

For the past two months, I’ve been taking on more of the cooking and housework because

a) the maid’s better as a playmate for the kids and

b) I did not want to end up with culture shock when I take on everything 100%.

It HAS been tiring but it’s a joy to cook again and seeing the kids finish the food.

Hubby is happy to see me sleeping at 11 pm-ish and waking up at 6 am. He’s also been helping out with the laundry, washing up (thank God!!!) and a bit of grocery shopping.

The funniest though is how the kids reacted when we discussed about having to do all the cooking and cleaning ourselves.

Me: Hmm…tomorrow is her last day. That means I’ll be cooking dinner mumble, mumble, mumble (I was running through the list of things to do).
Kid: I can help you, Mommy! I can help you keep the clothes in the drawers, I can sweep the floor, I can mop the floor. I always help Auntie! I want to help you, Mommy…
Toddler: (big eyes looking at me seriously) Elsa want sweep floor. Elsa like sweep floor. Elsa want keep clothes. Elsa like keep clothes.
Me: (Looking at them in slight horror) Ok, ok, good. I know you want to help. If you can keep your toys, books, backpacks, dirty clothes neat and tidy, that will help Mommy a lot. No need to sweep the floor…
Toddler: (mouth pouting) AWW! Elsa like sweep the floor! Elsa want sweep the floor! Want help Mommy! (See the Terrible Twos?)

The kids continued to crowd around me with suggestions of what they could do to help.

The kid even DELEGATED some of the jobs to his father so “Mommy can rest because she is tired.” HAHAHAHA.

It was really funny!

Even though it may seem like the end of the world but with precious kids like these and of course, the helpful Hubby, I know I can survive. I can do anything!

Ahh…how I love my little monkeys 😀

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  • You will survive, no doubt! Just cut yourself some slack sometimes. People don’t die of having a dirty house 🙂

  • Hahaha…..just like the last idul fitri holiday, when the nanny was went home for 12 days, and I suddenly handle all the domestic tasks, Marvel happily “help” moping the floor, while hubby who should be in charge were “forced” to sit in front of TV. Very sweet and funny, but I don’t get the chance to take picture coz my own hands were busy with the laundry :p

  • Paik Ling – A dirty house is the LAST thing on my mind.

    I have marketing, menu planning (!!!), cooking, food packing, backpack packing, hanging out the laundry, taking in the laundry, folding the laundry, washing the pots/pans and dishes before cooking, bathing the kids, preventing the kids from killing each other, heating up dinner, feeding dinner, clearing the dishes, helping out with homework, brushing teeth, bedtime story (only when forced to nowadays LOL) and now, here, I am, thinking, “Do I have ham for fried rice tomorrow? Which fruit to pack? What’s for breakfast?” 😛

    Lilis – I think all kids like sweeping and mopping the floor! By the way, you sound like such a sweet wifey LOL

    Please, please relax and enjoy all you can now before No. 2 is here. Honestly, you’d barely have time for anything but KIDS then. I’m only starting to breathe coz the lil girl is turning 3 soon 🙂

  • i heard that western digital’s product is quite reliable. How much is their external drive? Ever since i read your post about those losing pictures, i have been very hardworking making photobooks recently!

    Good to live without a maid right? Although busy and tired, I love the freedom having no live-in maid in the house 🙂

  • michelle Link

    Btw you can take your notebook to a PC repair shop, the tech guy can take out the HDD to retrieve the data for you. However you need to find a reliable PC repair shop.

  • Chinnee – Ya, we definitely like having our home to ourselves and not having to re-sort our clothes! Best of all, the kids behave better without a third party’s direct or indirect influence.

    The WD was about RM390. Too expensive!

    Michelle – God bless you for telling me what I am still hoping and praying earnestly for. I have loads of data for work but the guy who ran the DOS (?) check said there were damaged sectors from 0.06%. He said chances are slim but I am keeping that laptop safely aside till I find that fabulous techie who can do it? Will you please PM me if you know any?

  • michelle Link

    Those Indian contractor working in my company would know how to do that, they are very good! But they don’t do personal service.

    You can go to lowyat to ask. Here is a link of someone who can do it but I am not sure how good he is. I just google.

  • michelle – Thanks for the link! Will check it out when I get around to fixing that laptop.