Stop Eating When You Feel Full

I found this week’s instruction for fascinating because it sounded like advice from a personal trainer:

Listen to your internal cues and stop eating when you feel full.

I am not a snacker but I used to go on food binges – GUILTY!!!

When you are heartbroken…

My first binge was probably when I broke up with my first boyfriend. Hmm…it was a disastrous relationship because it wasn’t going anywhere yet he just hung around like a cold fish.

When I finally ended it, I still felt miserable that I drowned my sorrows with some corny movies, equally soppy books and a lot, a lot, a lot of chocolate bears. BAD.

Thank God I snapped out of it in time to swot over my high school examinations!

Happy Holidays!

After that, I only went on food binges when we went for buffets, which thankfully, only occurred during birthdays, Christmas and other happy occasions 😀

Nowadays, I don’t binge at buffets anymore because I’m getting old LOL

Finish your food

The challenge is to get the other half to stop eating when he’s full – the poor guy has been trained by his Chinese mother to finish his food…

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