Noodles are miàn (面)

I am not a noodle fan as I actually prefer rice, pasta or even rice noodles over wheat noodles.

However, I have come to appreciate a nice, hot bowl of spicy noodles e.g. Taiwanese beef noodles, kim chi noodles or “hand pulled noodles” i.e. 拉面 (lā miàn) after a friend taught me how to read the Chinese character for noodles 😀

Thus, if I am bored of eating rice, I will just look out for the miàn (面) character and check out their menus.

This far, I have mostly tried the spicy noodles made with a beef or mutton-based soup sold by the Xinjiang Muslims:

Looks yummy, right?

In most cases, the noodles would be delicious since it is freshly prepared.

In some cases, the noodles would be rather oily and the meat a bit tough. Skip it if you can’t stand the smell of mutton.

What should you do then if you fancy some spicy noodles prepared by the Muslim Chinese?

Go with the majority.

If the local Chinese flock towards a particular restaurant / stall, then you stand a good chance of tucking into some slurpy noodles. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of *awful* noodles.

I wouldn’t tell the Xinjiang Muslims that in their face though…