Week 6 Clean Eating Challenge: No Low-fat, lite or reduced fat food

This part of the “Real Food Challenge” has been the most eye-opening because you are encouraged to eat full fat foods e.g. Butter, cream, cheese and yogurt.

Now, I grew up on a lot of butter and my mother only switched to butter in the early 80s when the cholesterol scare came out, encouraging everyone to switch to margarine and vegetable oils.

And we all know what happened – cakes and cookies tasted awful!!!

Since butter became a luxury, we only used it for Christmas. And I stopped eating bread and butter because it was actually bread and Dorina or some other awful vegetable based spread.

Other than that, I became a real “fat-free” fanatic – I would NOT touch any fat or skin in chicken or fish or meat.

Now, that’s wrong because fats and oils from animals are 100% natural versus the “healthy” oils of processed vegetables oils.

The mainland Chinese eat EVERY part of an animal, fats and all, yet remain very slim. Looks like they were on the right all along!

Now, I won’t be getting stares at the market I buy chicken, fat and skin intact 🙂