REVIEW: Boba Baby Carrier 3G

When my toddler started walking, I thought, “Bye-bye, babywearing…” but then, I forgot about SEPARATION ANXIETY when toddlers stick to Moms like jellyfish especially the minute we get home from work.

I’d let go of my old baby carrier but thank God, I was given the chance to test the Boba 3G baby carrier with my toddler. I’d been secretly lusting for the Boba when I read about how great it is for toddlers 😉

Here’s some info on the Boba Baby Carrier 3G:

Weight Range: 7-45lbs
Waist Belt: 25”-58”
Fits Adults: 5’0”-6’3”
Buckles Used: Duraflex
Zippers Used: YKK
Shoulder strap length: 20”to 40”
Fabric: 100% cotton
Height of the body of the carrier: 15.7in
Height of the waist belt: 5.1in

I really like the Boba, which is a big help to me when I’m preparing breakfast and dinner:


I love the packaging, which shows a happy Mom, baby and family enjoying the great outdoors. I also love Boba 3G’s: “Freedom together”, which captures the essence of babywearing i.e. freedom for Mom and baby.

Check out the unique foot straps that solves the problem of dangling legs especially when you’re babywearing a toddler.


The foot straps also keeps kiddos in the “frog leg” position, which is the most comfortable position for babies / toddlers in baby carriers. Love them!

I’ve been using the Boba in the mornings and evenings and here’s what I love about it:


Yup, I love how soft the Boba feels! Man, it’s even softer than the silk sarong sling I used to have.

Mmm-mmm, you’ll *love* how soft the baby carrier feels in your hands the minute you take it out of the box.

Sigh, I wish I knew about the Boba 3G when my toddler was a baby. You can also carry a newborn in it.

Here are instructions (adapted) from the Boba website (Please note that the photos on the Boba website are not in order. Read in order from 1,2,3,4,5,6…):

Baby Carrier for Newborns

1. Adjust both shoulder straps so that you create a pouch in front of you just big enough to comfortably insert your baby. Both sides of the body of the carrier should be almost flush with your body

Boba-3G-baby-carrier-for-newborn2. Take your baby with both hands (support your baby’s head and neck) and carefully slide your baby inside the carrier. Your baby must be facing you. NEVER place your baby facing forward.

3. Your baby’s knees should always be bent in the frog position/fetal tuck – knees bent and should always be touching your body (do not place your baby’s feet inside snapped area).

4. Adjust the shoulder straps so that your baby is fully supported by the carrier. Please make sure to tighten the side adjustments to prevent your baby from slumping and to provide improved back support for your baby.

5. Adjust head support straps (located inside the pocket) as necessary. Your baby’s head should be resting on your chest and facing either left or right. Your baby’s nose should be, at the very least, parallel to the floor at all times. When your baby falls asleep his or her nose should be pointed higher. Please read the enclosed Babywearing Safety Manual to ensure your baby’s safety.”


I chose “Tweet”, one of their popular designs. I love the bright print because people can see from a mile away that you’ve got a baby on your back. This is very important for me since we are usually out walking along busy roads or taking the bus or taxi.



The Boba 3G was created by Elizabeth and Robert who has traveled with their kids to exotic countries like Egypt, India and Slovenia.

They know what it’s like carrying a baby / a toddler while you’re walking on crowded and dusty streets all day – they’ve created a thoughtfully designed baby carrier that’s safe and sturdy.

Those nifty, removable foot straps kept the toddler’s feet out of harm’s way and helped her sit in an ergonomic position in the baby carrier – now, I can relax because I don’t need to worry about her little legs.

The nicely padded straps felt comfortable on my shoulder blades.

The firmly padded waist belt buckled on snugly and kept the strain off my back.


I think that this is the Boba’s best feature, which is useful for Moms and Dads who share a baby carrier because you can easily slide:
– the chest strap up or down,
– the foot straps along the side of the waist belt

The shoulder and waist straps are easily adjustable too that Hubby and I could take turns using the Boba.

I’m only having a bit of a problem with the back panel, which I’ve not been able to adjust to fully support my toddler’s back like the photo below:


The back panel seems to support her fully when I’m carrying her on the front, which by the way, is quite comfortable:

I’m going to try the Boba on Hubby’s back to see if I can work this out.

Other than that, I love carrying my tot in the Boba 3G carrier. Try it yourself. Trust me, you’ll love it as much as we do 😀

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  • chinnee Link

    i have the same problem too, as if my boy (only 12kg) is too tall. Let me know if you find way to solve this.

  • Kit Link

    Chinnee – You too eh? I wanna try it on Hubby one of these days and see if I can adjust the straps to fit her better.

    Will let you know if I discover anything new 😀

  • Melanie Link

    Since you have used both the Boba Carrier as well as the Manduca, which one do you prefer more for your toddler?

  • Melanie – Ooh, you’ve asked me a really tough question 😀

    Here’s what I like about the Manduca (Toddler was 1.5 years to 2 years old):
    i) *the buckle* – you need 2 hands to unbuckle it, which is a unique safety feature esp. if you’re carrying a baby/toddler in front (The Boba 3G is a standard buckle that locks tight too).
    ii) the waist belt – super sturdy, which is important to me because I have a BAD back.
    Then again, you may find the Manduca a bit bulky to slip into a carry-all bag due to points (i) and (ii).

    The Boba 3G? (Toddler is 2.4 years old)
    i) *the 100% cotton* – FABULOUSLY soft, which makes babywearing a comfortable experience for both of us us 😀
    ii) the foot straps
    iii) the sliding chest and foot straps – *unique and helpful*
    iv) the 2 zippered pockets at the top and bottom of the back panel for house keys and small change.

    As I used both baby carriers during different stages of toddlerhood, I hope that you’ll find my experiences helpful.

  • Melanie Link

    Hehe, yes … a tough question indeed. I keep doubting myself which one I would prefer more. But it seems that you can’t really go wrong with any one of these two. So that’s good news …
    Thank you very much for your explanation!