Gluten-free diet

I had an interesting conversation with another mother recently about food allergies. Her son has severe allergies, which ended up with her putting him on a gluten-free diet.

She also shared with me that more and more people are going a gluten-free diet to improve their health.

Did you know that gluten (a type of protein found in wheat, rye and barley) has been identified as the cause of many ailments? Hmm…that got me thinking about the family diet.


Living in southeastern China, we’ve hardly been eating wheat, rye or barley, except for:

a) the barley drink, which I have not boiled for a long time since I noticed that it doesn’t ease his mucous. Instead, the kids get fresh fruits and water every day 😀


a) mantou or baozhi

My son loves “char siew bao” (barbecue pork steamed buns) but since they are rather sweet, meat and made with white flour, I keep these to a minimum.


Flour-y snacks

However, we have been buying bread on a daily basis and when the kids are hungry, they’ll turn to bread, biscuits or cookies.

They also eat spaghetti or macaroni on weekends since they want a change from the taking rice on weekdays.

Will it be possible for us to go on a gluten-free diet?

For starters, we could eat other types of grains instead of wheat. Or I could look for gluten-free or products.

Browsing through the supermarket, I noted that some of the stuff on sale are marked “gluten-free”.

Since the list of ingredients are quite clearly listed on imported foods here, I’m going to list down the variety of gluten-free products I can find 😀

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