A public park is gong yuan (公园)

A public park is gōng yuán (公园), which is a public facility i.e. gōng yòng shì yè (公用事业).

What can you find at a public park?

A public telephone – gōng yòng diàn huà (公用电话)

Flowers and trees – huā mù (花木)

A few park benches or cháng yī (长椅) but more rock / stone stools or dèng (凳) that are nothing like lodge furniture that you can relax in with a book…

Exercise equipment!

The mainland Chinese are serious about fitness and it’s really interesting to see young children, including my hyperactive ones, let it all out on these gym equipment:

Can you see my little Spiderman crouching under there?

Now you know why China is always winning gold medals for gymnastics!

My kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the apparatus here so all we wary parents keep an eye out for them.

It’s okay because they work up such a sweat and appetite after their workout 🙂