Shanghai Hong Qiao International Airport (上海虹桥国际机场)

Last October, we FINALLY went for our first family holiday to visit friends in Shanghai!

The timing was right because the weather was mild, the toddler is not a fussy eater like her brother and the big brother is more manageable now.

Here’s Part 1 of the trip, which begins at the Shanghai Hong Qiao International Airport (SHA) or 上海虹桥国际机场[Shànghǎi hóngqiáo GuójìJīchǎng].

Hubby suggested that we fly to Shanghai and take a train to Hangzhou to give our No. 1 Train Fan a ride on the China Railway High-speed (CRH) maglev train. Here’s a bakery at the train station:

The usual breads on sale are either stuffed or spread with chicken or pork floss or pork ham, which are terribly salty. I bought some plain dinner rolls and red bean buns just in case we got delayed. We were delayed and the kids devoured the red bean buns!

Check out the size of the train station:

Can you spot a red back pack? That’s why I worry about taking him on trips because he walks on ahead on his own!

Here’s another scary picture of how HUGE the place is:

Hubby bought a later ticket thinking that we could have a nice lunch there but we ended up eating McDonald’s! In fact, the kids and I were squatting outside McD’s while Hubby lined up to buy the train tickets. I actually wanted to eat at Da Niang (DN) Dumplings but it’s FULL of Chinese:

The toddler was so exhausted she slept in her stroller while the boy and I quickly ate our lunch.

Here he is sitting on the floor – after I checked for spit! He was looking out for his Dad coz he wanted to follow him to buy the train tickets but I say no. He had to have his lunch.

Hubby told us that earliest ticket he could buy was the 1.30 pm, which meant that we had another HOUR to wait. Aaargh…I was so tired coz we woke up at 5 am -_- I tried to sleep but the tot would come to slap my face awake!

You have no idea how happy I was to get on the CRH2C, which was bright and clean. Did you know that this maglev train can travel to the maximum of 300 km/hour???

This is one the types of maglev trains that was involved in the Wenzhou accident.

The train moves so smoothly that you don’t feel its speed at all – I could even feed both kids some char shao bao (叉烧包) and hard-boiled tea eggs.

You’ll know how fast you’re travelling when you see houses and trains zipping by in the window. It’s amazing!