First Words

Since we speak to her in English while the helper speaks to her in Chinese, I have to admit that I was rather confused by her first words because I wasn’t sure if they were in English or Chinese! The poor tot – she must have been quite frustrated with her Mom for not understanding her speech.

Her are her first words:

1. Papa – Is this a surprise? -_- A Daddy’s girl from the start, Hubby is thrilled when she started calling Papa at 14 months old. I think his phone calls helped because she started saying “Papa” when she played with the house phone.

She’ll NEVER say “Mama” or “Mummy” even though she knows it’s me. She’ll only wail “Mamaaaaaaa!” when she’s desperate 😉

2. Woo-woo – For doggy. The cutest first word she has ever said because she purses her lips, goes “woo-woo” and points to every little doggy she sees on the road, on TV or in books. Thankfully, she doesn’t do that with her brother hahaha

3. Xie-xie – The maid taught her this and she says this in a cute monotone. She’s so polite she’ll say “xie-xie” for everything that you give to her!

4. Zai-jian – Same as above.

5. Heh-oh! – I taught her to say “Hello” to friends or neighbours that we meet and she can do this by also raising her right hand in greeting. Much, much, much better than the killer looks she sometimes throws strangers who stare at her.

6. Shoe-shoe – Her favourite word since she knows that putting on shoes means going out of the house!

7. Bye! Bye-bye! – Another cute word and she’s like a PR officer because she’ll say “bye!” with a wave to anyone and everyone who leaves the room even if we are in a restaurant.

Imagine a crazy kid saying bye-bye to all the strangers. Of course, her voice is quite soft so luckily, not everyone can hear her.

8. Uh-oh – She’ll say this when her tower of blocks tumble, she drops something or when she “accidentally” (note: purposefully) throws something off the table or chair e.g. water tumbler.

9. Ohhhhhhhhhhh – This is of course, our least favourite now because it’s actually “No!”. Yup, we are now in the Terrible Twos.

She will say “Ohhhhhh!!!” with a shake of her tiny hand to almost everything i.e. putting on socks / sweater now that the weather is cold; putting on clothes after a bath; a nappy change; feeding her food (she prefers to self-feed) or anything suggested to her.

10. Duck-duck – She loves ducks especially a yellow duckie so anytime she sees a yellow duckie on TV, she’ll run towards it and point excitedly, “Duck-duck! Duck-duck! Duck-duck!”

Can you see the poor duck in her mouth?

Our toddler is at such a cute stage now that I just couldn’t wait to share this with my mom blogger friend out there. I’ve got to make video of her saying all these words but it’s time for bed now. Good night!

Notes from

Your preschooler’s vocabulary is on its way to becoming dictionary-thick. The typical 24-month-old knows about 50 to 75 words and is working the next big milestone: stringing them together into phrases and sentences. Two-word noun-verb sentences are typical at 2: “baby sleep” and “want milk.” He’ll probably begin expressing himself in longer sentences as the year goes by. If your child uses fewer than 20 words, he should be tested for hearing problems.

First sentences tend to be short (two to three words) and to the point: “Mommy help.” “Play ball Daddy.” Or a preschooler may echo a group of words she hears often, like “Go bye-bye” or “All gone.”

Some ways to encourage your 2-year-old to speak in sentences:

  • Expand on her bare-bones phrases in your reply: “You want Mommy to help you put your sock on.” “Okay, Daddy will play ball with Lucy.”
  • Don’t correct her grammar. Casually repeat the sentence using the right words, but it’s way too early to point out mistakes.
  • Don’t insist your child repeat a full, proper sentence. Prompting, “Can you say, ‘Mommy, help me with my sock?'” only disrupts the flow and frustrates your child.
  • Read often in an interactive way, asking your child questions about what he sees on the page or what he thinks will happen next.

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  • hooiling Link

    I like yellow duckie too! *high-five*, girl! ^^

  • Paik Ling Link

    Brad is at his terrible twos too! He’s screaming the whole house down yikes!

  • Sorry, can’t remember how I bumped to ur blog but realized that our child is ard the same age 🙂 and, my 15mo calls me momma (hopefully addressing me and not food!) for 4-5 times only!! Hope we don’t have to wait too long to hear those words, not out of desperation 😉

  • Hooi Ling – You’re so cutelah…

    Paik Ling – Can go nuts, right?

    AC – Hi! Nice to meet another Mom. I think you’re lucky she calls you Momma 😀 I’m still not getting anything even though she can now say “Hi”, “No”, “Oh no…”, “Ri” (for “read”) 😛

  • etceteramommy Link

    Mine is real chatty now too. During dinner just now, he said ‘i dont like meat’ after he spat out a chunk of pork.

    Sometimes it’s fascinating how much and how fast they grow…

    Happy belated 2 year old princess. Any latest pictures of the kids?

  • etceteramommy – Such cute first words from your little boy 😀 He doesn’t like meat too, eh? Luckily, this “princess” doesn’t mind most food although she’s going through a phase now.

    Have you seen the post on the Christmas tree? Got their pics there…