National Day or 国庆节 (guó qìng jié)

October 1 is China’s National Day or 国庆节 (guó qìng jié), which is one of the Golden Weeks when the whole of China will be out on holiday from tomorrow until next Friday!!!

I had a bit of trouble getting home today because the buses were PACKED, the streets were CROWDED and the roads were JAMMED. Boy, was it a long trek home…

Interestingly, when I asked my students what they’d planned to do during the week-long holiday, most of them said:

Rest. Sleep. Spend time with the family. I miss my mother!!!

Hahaha…I understand their eagerness to return home because Chinese kids really have to work hard in school.

I had a nice day today because:

  • a boy and a girl volunteered to clean the blackboard in two of my classes (claps hands!!!) They were so sweet.
  • a girl popped into the empty classroom to chat with me when she saw me sitting alone. I thought she wanted to ask me a question but she said, “I don’t want you to be lonely, teacher.” Isn’t that nice? 😀

On the home front, my son reminded me that it will be October soon. Halloween!!!

He’s thinking about his costumes and props (rolls eyes). I’m so sorry that I forgot to pack the costume I’d bought him a couple of years back. Hopefully, he’d still be able to wear it next year.

Because I’d forgotten, he’d have to wear the same costume this year. And my dear boy, he said, “It’s okay, Mummy.”

Hmm…now that the girl is bigger, I wonder if we could have some fun this Halloween if all of us dressed up 😉

Happy National Day, China!