Summer break (shǔ jià 暑假)

Yup, we are now officially on summer break!!!

Like American children, Chinese schoolchildren are on summer break from now until school starts again in early September. Many of my colleagues have already planned and left on summer vacations with their family members for shopping in Hong Kong or Singapore, cultural trips to Yunnan, Xinjiang and even Inner Mongolia.

The more affluent families are going further to Australia, the US and even to places like Africa, Europe and South America. The Chinese are everywhere!

With temperatures rising from 34 – 39 deg C nowadays, I believe that the mainland Chinese would even go as far as Alaska to escape the heat. I know one particular family who moved south from Beijing because she couldn’t stand the extreme heat and cold anymore 😉

How about you? What are your summer plans?

I know I’m really glad to be hooooooooooome because my kids have been wolfing down all the delicious food we’ve been getting here 😀

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  • yes, yes, summer holiday is coming.. and we are going somewhere.. hehehe… still have not booked the holiday actually.. Happy Summer!!

  • Kit Link

    Chew Lee, Have a good summer too!