Fresh laundry?

People in China, especially the old folks, crack me up sometimes. China’s economic boom has transformed the country from a closed and farming-based economy into an industrial one so quickly within just 30 years, it must leave the older generation heads spnning!

I quite pity the senior citizens because I still see a few of them in the traditional blue Communist uniform – they are stuck in the good old days, the life and times that they are familiar with.

Due to this, many of them still do things the old way as if they are back in their native vilage surrounded by lush greenery, clear spring water, flowers blooming and birds chirping all around them.

Unfortunately, many of them have moved away from their beloved boondocks into the big city because they must be full-time, 24-hour babysitters for their beloved grandchildren!

Therefore, it’s common to see scenes like this:

If you live in a badly-designed apartment, it’s likely that your balcony or lack of a balcony means that your clothes literally do not see the light of day.

The old folks believe in the natural bleaching / disinfecting / deodorizing properties the sun provides and will search high and low for a sunny spot to dry their clothes.

If that spot means it’s the children’s playground, then so be it.

I don’t blame them really because I’d just hung out our winter quilts to dry in the hot summer sun too.

If I don’t do that, they smell musty and the last thing I want is for bed bugs or dust mites to fester in them!

Young Living’s Thieves Laundry Soap (32 oz) is one of the *best* things I’ve ever bought because now, I get glorious-smelling bedsheets, towels and etc that are naturally disinfected. Want some? Email me here.

For China’s sake, I do hope that the government, the businesses, the foreigners and the local people find a middle ground between the old and the new.

China’s civilization is more than 5,000 years old – Chinese culture holds a lot of wisdom that would help us today and also for the future.

I hope that they’ll continue to respect what the old have to teach the young even if the old have a funny way of doing it 😀

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  • LOL!! I too, love my laundry to be sun dried, love the smell… hehehe.. I think typical kampung girl …

  • Chew Lee – Me too 😀