Tofu – sliced, stacked and stripped

Recently, I was quite tired of our “carnivorous” meals that I’ve decided to go sort of vegetarian once a week with the aim of making 2 days of the week (or more) vegetarian.

Since I need to cook for two kids, I’m always mindful of including protein in our meals. As much as I would like to have beans as the main course, I can’t at the moment because my older kid, the fussy eater, is not a big fan of ANY bean.

I have tried red beans, green beans, lentils, black beans, baked beans, fresh soybeans (edamame) and even fermented soybeans but nope, he clearly does NOT like any beans.

The only bean he’ll take is barley water with just a bit of the actual barley. Terrible, right?

Tofu and mushroom soup

Interestingly, he’s a HUGE fan of tofu, which means that he’ll eat any type of hard or soft tofu if I cook it.

Unfortunately, I’ve been exposed to (or eaten) 3 types of tofu: soft beancurd, the hard tofu (tau gua) and the tau pok in curry mee. Thus, I only have a few types of tofu dishes on the table:

1) Claypot tofu – not vegetarian
2) Stir-fried tofu with leek
3) Steamed tofu with pork – not vegetarian
4) Tofu soup with chives

In China, I was fascinated to see various forms of tofu:

Sliced tofu “skins”?

They call this “tofu pi”, which literally mean “tofu skins”. Since I’d rather eat tofu than the tofu skin, I’ve not bought this. Furthermore, Hubby says he doesn’t like this added by the fact that I have a lazy, fussy eater, the poor tofu skins have not made it to our dinner table 😀

Tofu squares

I’ve been made to understand that these are “cooked” or pre-fried tofu so they are ready to be used in a hot pot or even soup. Err…no way am I putting anything pre-fried with recycled cooking oil in my babies’ food!

Tofu sheets

These strips of tofu are probably the most interesting of them all – they look like sheets of crepe paper! I believe that you can slice / julienne them into thin strips and add them into your soups for a bit of chewy delights.

Have I tried them? Nope because both the Hubby and the son prefer the crunchy tofu strips “tau kee” in their soup over these tofu strips so no chance.

Do you see the Japanese tofu on the left and the “tau pok” on the right? He loves Japanese tofu but my Malaysian friend warned me that it’s not tofu but egg. I was advised to look out for organic brands but hey, fat chance this illiterate banana will be able to do that!

Tofu recipes

If you’re a big tofu fan, will you please point me towards some nice and tasty tofu recipes? Personally, I am quite bored of the 4 miserable tofu dishes I’ve been cooking on a weekly basis. Thanks!!!

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  • Paik Ling Link

    I like tofu too!
    1) Tofu with minced chicken/pork (just stir fry mince with oyster sauce and thicken the gravy with corn starch. Pour over and sprinkle chopped green onions over the top)
    2) Simple stir fry shallots and minced garlic, mix a bit with sesame seed oil and dark soy sauce. Pour over tofu.

    I seldom cook the tofu – just stuff it in the microwave for a couple of minutes to kill bacteria.

  • Kit Link

    Paik Ling – Thanks, babe, for the recipes! Loving the sounds of recipe #2. Will try that next week and teach the ayi how to do it 😀