The roast chicken in the market

Roasted chicken has a special place in my heart so I’m a big fan of Nando’s and for a while Kenny Roger’s Roasters until it became too dry and the side dishes too miserly.

In China, I came upon this gentleman hawking some roast chicken arranged around a clay urn:

The roast chicken looked very much like the roasted chicken in the chicken rice back home that I started drooling…

The elderly man sweet-talked me and insisted that the roast chicken is so delicious that “下次伱 会 再 来 买” (xià cì nǐ huì zài lái mǎi).

Oh, time to stop talking my half-past six Chinese…

How was the roast chicken?

The roast chicken costs me CNY20 and was simply packed in a plastic bag for me to cart home to enjoy in the privacy of my own home. It smelled quite delicious as roast chicken can be 😀

Since I was so hungry, I picked a few pieces off the top and found it quite tasty although a bit on the salty side (haha, what else is new?). I decided to skip the roasted skin (my favourite part!!!) and just eat the succulent flesh.

I had already enjoyed a wing and the roast chicken was looking like it was “attacked” that I decided to cut it up so that I could arrange them in a presentable manner on a plate…

And then I found that the chicken thighs had the chicken claws intact!!!

Oh, horror of horrors!!!

Ugh, I was truly disgusted to see the curly chicken claws all curled up and tucked into the chicken’s arse. Yuck!!!

I was immediately put off the roast chicken and decided to pack it up in its original plastic bag.

When the Hubby came home, he was curious about the roast chicken and I let him explore it himself. As great minds think alike (or fools seldom differ!!!), he also thought the roast chicken wasn’t half bad UNTIL he discovered the chicken claws too HAHAHAHA

All in all, about 65% of the roast chicken of got eaten, which isn’t too bad, right?

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  • eh… just throw away the feet and continue eating lo… ha.. I like to eat chicken feet … 😉 talking about roast chicken.. I have not roasted a chicken for a while.. it will be our dinner tonight.. 🙂

  • Chew Lee – I love stewed chicken feet myself but this roast chicken had the CLAWS intact i.e. the “curly fingernails”!!! You’d still be OK with them?

    Haha, glad I gave you an idea for dinner. I always need idea for lunch and dinner myself 😉

  • i love nandos, and your roast chicken here looks yummy and moist. the price sounds very reasonable too. ummm… maybe can ask the seller to remove the claws for you first before you pack it home? 🙂

  • Tiger Mom Link

    Boey Joey – It’s quite tasty really. Remove the claws before I buy? Err…do you know how many stares I get at the market when I tell them to remove the head, neck, skin and feet?

    It’s an immediate alert to ALL the Chinese: “Foreigner!!! Foreigner!!!”

  • Haha…couldn’t you have just chopped off both feet and continued feasting?