Chicken and duck talk

It’s been two weeks since my new 保姆 bǎo mǔ worked with us. My old 保姆 bǎo mǔ did her best to train her in everything she knew the last few days she was around but it’s not easy, you know, as she has such big shoes to fill?

My old 保姆 bǎo mǔ was really fabulous! (except for the housekeeping)

How’s the new 保姆 bǎo mǔ? Here are some of our adventures:

Me: My husband’s not coming back for dinner tonight, ok?
She cooks the same amount of rice, vegetables and meats.
(The next time) Me: My husband’s not coming back for dinner tonight, ok? Please cook less rice, veges and meats.


Me: Sigh, everyone is so heaty now. I have such a bad sore throat and I don’t understand why I have this fever for three days already…
Everyday, she fries veggies with ginger, cooks soup with dried longan and dongguai.
(The next time) Me: Please cook simple, simple, simple, ok? (And I stash the ‘heaty’ stuff away in some cupboards)


A super strong smell of pee wafts around the apartment…

As I sit planning my English lessons, the most horrible thought hits my mind…I get off my butt and head for the balcony where she’s hanging out the laundry.

Oh my God! She’s hanging out unwashed laundry! She’s hanging stinky pee-filled cloth diapers together with clean diapers!

Me: Aaargh! Those are not washed yet!!!
She: They are not? But I took them out from the washing machine…
Me: Yeah but they are not washed. Can’t you smell the pee?
She: I did smell it but I thought they were washed since they were in the washing machine…
Me: It’s ok. My husband loaded the machine but he didn’t have time to turn it on. I’ll turn it on now. You’ll need to rinse the laundry basket, ok?


Me: Since everyone has a sore throat, let’s have congee again today, ok?
She: Ok
Me: However, if you feel like eating rice, you can cook some for yourself.
She: Ok.

Guess what? I find a pot of rice and no congee. What did I say wrong???

Viva la Chine!

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  • Wahahahahhhhaaa!!!!

    Maybe you don’t talk to her but print out to her to read! hahaha

  • Tiger Mom Link

    Angeleyes – Ya, I figured out a simple way to show her what to cook (thanks to my Chinese teacher) 😉

  • ha.. really chicken and duck talk… it takes a while to train a new maid.. good luck.. 🙂 do try the mapo tofu recipe.. taste great!! 🙂

  • Chew Lee – Ya, I’m tired of talking about her anyway. Will check out your mapo tofu!