Pi pa 枇 杷 is the loquat fruit

Now that Spring is beginning to show up in China, I have been seeing the delightful 枇 杷 (pí pa) fruit on sale at the wet market and supermarket.

In fact, the boy likes it but the girl doesn’t really care for it. I’ve never found two kids more different than both of mine!

Anyway, I’ve just had a discovery. First, I found out that the pí pa 枇 杷 is actually loquat!


Pi pa/loquat 枇 杷 isn’t really that cheap for a local fruit because it retails at RMB20 yuan per kati (or jīn 觔) compared to papaya, which is RMB8-10 yuan or even local oranges at RMB3.50 yuan per kati (or jīn 觔).

Second, the Nim Jiom Pei Pa Koa we have been taking to soothe our sore throats and coughs is actually pí pa gāo 枇 杷 膏! Is that cool or what?Incidentally, the Nim Jiom Pei Pa Koa (US$19.99)  has also increased in its retail price i.e. from RMB20 yuan to RMB33-35 yuan per bottle now (across 2 years).

Anyway, I’ll continue buying the cough syrup because the pi pa gao relieves coughs and soothes their sore throats.

Grab some fresh fruit today: