Simple Fried Rice (Chinese style) chǎo fàn (炒饭)

Every time we have leftover rice, she’ll cook up this simple fried rice and everybody loves it! The boy loves it, the Hubby loves it and I love it. Interestingly, the little girl (who devours almost anything in sight) doesn’t really care for it 😉

As you can see in the photo, all she uses are:

  • chives
  • egg
  • light soy sauce and
  • leftover rice

I have not seen her frying it in person because I’m either at work or I’m with the girl – also, I don’t want to appear like a snoop out there to steal her recipe!

She is a fabulous cook and I have mentioned it casually that I would love to know how she fries the rice. She looked at me as if I’m a moron because she said:

“It’s just simple fried rice. Anyone can fry rice!”

Yikes! I don’t think that’s true because I can’t fry rice as well as she or my Mum does. In fact, I’m salivating now thinking of my Mum’s special chilli fried rice. Sigh, I’m sure my Mum can teach me how to fry this simple fried rice.

Meanwhile, I’ll just record this “recipe” away and see if I can get her to teach me how to do it. Once bitten, twice shy, you see 🙁