How did you lose weight?

I was asked this question at work when I happened to mention that I used to weigh 70 over kg and now, I’m about 56 kg.

Did you diet?
How many meals do you eat per day?
What did you eat?

No. Three and sometimes I take tea. No supper or snacks, though.

If I eat kids’ leftover food, I will take a smaller portion during my “real” meal.

I also ate less carbs e.g. rice, bread, cookies and starchy fruits e.g. bananas.

I eat a lot of freshly cooked leafy greens, a lot of protein and a lot of Chinese soups with steamed rice.

Did you exercise? How many times?

Yes, I walked a lot almost every day.

Since we are outdoors a lot, I run after 2 kids at least 3 times a day and yell at one kid at least 5 times a day 😀

I love Skechers shoes! I am on my feet constantly and so they are very nice and comfortable.

Skechers help my feet, legs, and back from not hurting.

When I’m at home, I also do housework i.e. pick up books, CDs and toys 2-3 times a day, dress and undress 2 kids 2-3 times a day.

When the kids are in a good mood, I can even do some yoga 🙂

My favorite sports are actually running and cycling.