China is zhōng guó (中国) or the Middle Kingdom!

中国 Zhōng guó, 中国 Zhōng guó, 中国 Zhōng guó

Remember and memorize these two important Chinese characters before you visit China because you will be seeing them everywhere 😀

On the first day I arrived in China, the Chinese characters all seemed like pretty pictures to me. I didn’t even realize that I was looking at a country’s name all around me!

One day, I think I was in a taxi and I wanted to stop at the China Telecom to top up my cellphone card. I didn’t know how to tell the taxi driver China Telecom and could only point at the familiar blue sign and say,

“Telephone” (电话 diàn huà).”

And then the taxi driver said:

“中国 电信 Zhōng guó diàn xìn” (China Telecom)

Bless his heart! He knew where I wanted to go and kindly repeated the 4 words until I could pronounce them correctly.

I felt rather stupid but he was really, really, really nice and told me that if I didn’t practise, I’d never learn. What a nice guy, yeah?