Let’s Go Karaoke!

I love karaoke and can sing for hours and hours if the karaoke outlet has a nice collection of songs.

I’m no American Idol but hey, I can carry a tune. And dance. And know the lyrics to about 1,000 over pop songs? 😀

I think the last karaoke party I attended was way back in 2004! It was a really, really, really nice bunch of people because almost every one loved music and singing but the best was this old guy who looks and acts like Bill Gates…

What did he do?

He rocked the house down with his amazing act to a Bruce Springsteen song! You can imagine how all of us rocked with laughter, gripped our stomachs hard and had tears streaming down our faces because we had never, never, never imagined that he was such a FUN guy!

Gosh, I sure miss him. And the other fun folks I went karaoke with. I wonder when I can go karaoke singing again and “wrestle” with friends for the karaoke machine or 卡拉 机 kǎ lā jī…