What do I do with black and green olives?

A while ago, I received a gift of 2 bottles of olives – black and green (pitted) funkily wrapped up in some plastic and leopard-spotted ribbon 😀

It’s a lovely present BUT I have no idea what to do with the olives!

We don’t drink at home or I suppose the green olives would do really well for martinis…

If I get really desperate one day and really tired of all the Chinese food, I just might pop open the bottles and give them a try. Since we’ll be getting a simple oven soon (yippee!), I hope to use some of the black olives on some pizza we’ll be making. It’ll only be a little since nobody really likes olives LOL.

I thought Hubby might open either one of the bottles to snack on but nope, both of them stayed intact probably since olives can be slightly sour. Aiyaiyai

We’d just “spring-cleaned” the apartment and the 2 bottles of lives are STILL there. Can anyone suggest some ideas for the poor olives, please? Many, many thanks in advance!

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  • Alohamolly Link

    I used to minced it to stir-fry spaghetti or make brushetta… Yummy..

  • My boys and I love it on our pesto pasta!

  • Kit Link

    Alohamolly – What’s a stir-fry spaghetti? Do share.

    Shooi – Pesto? The boy won’t touch it 😛 Will try it on pizza if we ever get around to getting the oven. Thanks!