Autumn qiū tiān (秋天) is here…

Wow, just 2 weeks ago, I blogged about the temperature still “raging” on at about 32 degrees C but tonight, the thermometer shows a cool 24 degrees C.

I’ve already stopped dressing the kids up in sleeveless tees and shorts – the boy can still romp around in t-shirts and shorts during the day but at night, he doesn’t complain when I put on some thicker cotton PJs for him.

Since the Chinese ladies chide me for exposing the little girl to a chill because she’s usually in t-shirts and shorts, I’ve switched her to long-sleeved tees and sweat pants to avoid the stares.

Me? I’m still in t-shirts and shorts during the day because I’m on the the move all the time, I don’t feel cold at all 😀

However, I’ve got to change to sweat pants at night because it IS starting to feel chilly.

Brr…I’ve just had my period and I certainly DON’T look forward to the pain of putting on, sweating in (and taking off!) layers and layers of clothes again for at least 4 months 😛

However, I hope that the cooler weather will help me sleep better because the warm weather wakes me up halfway during the nights. If not, I may have to turn to sleep aids in order to catch up on my ZZZs.


Good night, everyone!

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  • Kinda nice to have 4 seasons but it also means there are many many clothes to pack & unpack? Anyway, happy Autumn….weather sounds just nice!

  • Kit Link

    Paik Ling – Yes, it’s a real drag especially for someone who has to do packing. But now, I think I’ve got the hang of it already. We live and learn, ya? 😉

  • My turn is coming… but I hope there will be no terrible summer! hehehehe