No smoking in China

If you are a smoker, you will *LOVE* China. Sick and tired of getting ticked off for smoking in public? Getting dirty looks for lighting up in a restaurant? Grandmothers, mothers and wives frowning at you when buy a pack of cigarettes from the sundry shop?

You won’t get ANY of the above in China!

Yup, if you are a man and you don’t smoke in China, then something is wrong with you. Oh yeah, it’s a macho thing for men here.

You can smoke anywhere and everyone (except the health conscious and irritating foreigners) just sucks in the secondhand smoke without any complaint.

In restaurants, you can even choose to sit in the “NO SMOKING” section and smoke! Why not? There are no partitions confining the smoke and the restaurant staff are more worried about offending you than the non-smoking patrons (pregnant women, families with children, the elderly) in the restaurant.

I’m one of the pissed-off foreigners who refuse to inhale the secondhand smoke, which is why we choose to eat at home or only dine at restaurants who observe the “No Smoking” policy.

I remember ticking off the husband of the owner of a baby shop for smoking in front of me while I was pregnant!

Many of the women say that it’s tough for the men to quit smoking because it’s a cultural thing. The Chinese government is trying to create more public awareness about the rising number of cancer cases i.e. No. 1 cancer in cities in Beijing and Shanghai is lung cancer.(Read this article)

Smokers – liking China already? If you still want to continue to smoke in public, could you opt for cigars instead? Cigars smell better than cigarettes!