Happy Mooncake Festival! (Zhōngqiū jié 中秋节)

Although our thermometer shows 32 deg C, it’s already mid-Autumn, qiu tian (秋天) .

The Mid-Autumn Festival or the Mooncake Festival didn’t really mean much to us because:

a) the mooncakes here are beautifully expensive and not that tasty and

b) Hubby only got one day off, which also meant that the kid got one school day off i.e. we had our hands full with 2 kids! As it’s a family affair for the Chinese, we let the maid have the day off 😀

Most of the Chinese had 3 days off but I’m not sure what they did during those days. I’ve got to ask my maid and my friends about it.

We spent the day re-organizing the apartment to make it more liveable for me, the crawling baby and the non-stop active boy:

  1. First, we removed the bed frames from the master bedroom – now, both mattresses are on the floor i.e. no fear of the baby suffering any head injuries and I can actually sleep in peace.

2. Next, we will get the landlord to remove the GLASS coffee table with its sharp edges (why do the Chinese like glass tables and scary-looking glass ornaments?

Can you believe that our room doors have a stained glass effect and the bathroom sink and top is also glass? I put a corner cushion yet the boy keeps getting his head bonked there. I’ve decided to “custom-make” my own i.e. a tiny towel taped across the corner. It’s fugly but it’s functional 😀 ).

3. Then, I sorted through the summer clothes- keeping those that the girl could wear when she’s older, packing those I could give to our former ayi for her son ayi (阿姨) if she wanted them and dumping the rest.

4. After that, I removed the boy’s autumn and winter clothing that the girl could wear this year and packed the rest away. Looks like we’ll need to buy new autumn and winter clothing for the boy esp sweaters and long pants since he’s outgrown all of them. Luckily, he can still fit into some of the jackets!

5. When it came to my autumn and winter clothing, Hubby said I could actually dump the ugly ones I bought hurriedly when we first came. Yippee – he said I could get new cold weather clothing!!!

He said I definitely needed the clothes because I have been mistaken as the boy’s maid or ayi (阿姨) too many times 😛 (Seriously! No offence intended)

Anyway, as the days get colder, I worry about keeping the boy and the baby warm – both the boy and I are susceptible to the coughs and flu.

The girl? This far, she’s been holding up really well. In fact, I think she’s inherited Hubby’s genes for being hot all the time.

We already have a small heater – we hope that it’s enough because it’s never cold enough here to warrant a heated blanket but there was a year it was so cold, all the heaters were sold out!

We are getting our cold weather inventory (clothing, heating and medicines) ready because we will be spending the winter here 🙁

Here’s to a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and that next year, we’ll get to join in the festivities like grabbing a piece of the GIANT mooncake in the pic above.

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  • You sure their moon cakes tasted worst than what we have here????

    I gotta start planning in buying all those winter clothing stuff too but don’t wanna buy too many else don’t know how to bring over! hahaha Kids are growing too fast!!!!

  • Kit Link

    Angeleyes – Yes, absolutely! Wish I could buy some for you try but then, it really isn’t worth the money 😛 I’d take the mooncakes we can find back home anytime.