Beco Butterfly II, Beco Gemini or Ergo Baby Carrier?

Now that I’ve been bitten by the babywearing bug, I’m in the market for a soft structured carrier.

I’d actually started with a UK brand baby carrier but my Chinese cleaning lady found it perplexing LOL

One day, I was busy working on my laptop in the master bedroom and my baby girl was crying for me in the living room. I thought that I’d have to drop my papers and go check on her but soon, she stopped crying.

Anyway, I’d finished typing my last sentence and went into the living room to check.

Did you know what the blessed lady did?

Traditional Chinese mei-tai

She’d found the traditional mei-tai (a traditional Chinese baby carrier) my lovely neighbour’s daughter had gifted me, strapped my baby girl onto her back and went on with the mopping!!!

I laughed out loud when I saw it but my baby girl was content to be on her back and my cleaning lady said it’s ok :D.

Since then, I’ve recommended mei-tais, which are really easy to tie!

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

– No plastic buckles, yay!
– Easy to wash, yay again!
– Easy to fold and stash into the diaper bag or baby stroller, yay yay ya! 😀
– Plus, Infantino’s model includes a detachable hood for sun protection and sleepy time.

I did a quick research for soft structured carriers and the most suitable ones seem to be the following:

Beco Butterfly 2

The Beco Butterfly B2-Paige-BLK – 2 – Paige  (almost always out of stock!) allows front and back carrying positions;
– Due to its popularity, many sellers have been selling counterfeits on Taobao for *really* low prices.

I like the sturdy look of this soft, structured carrier especially the padded straps, the curved carrier (for baby’s head and neck support) and the broad waist belt – all important for back support.

In light of the above, Beco Baby seems to have been updated and rebranded into the Beco Soleil.

Beco Soleil “Scribble”

This baby carrier has a clean, sleek design, which makes it suitable for Mum or Dad to babywear.

The neutral grey and black colors also mean that it’s one less headache when it comes to matching the baby carrier with the outfit you’re wearing 😀

Plus, it’s something classy, stylish Mums may prefer instead of bright, floral, kindergarten-ish prints if you want to maintain a corporate look:

Beco Baby Gemini

– enables Mum to carry the baby in front, on her back and even the hip, which will be useful while I’m cooking?

The Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – Cool Mesh Navy, Backpack Style Sling for Holding Babies, Infants and Child from 7-35 lbs (Certified Ergonomic) looks similar to the Beco Butterfly II except that the shoulder straps are broader and the waist support belt has a curvy shape, which is more flattering when you’re wearing it on your hips 😉

Plus, they’ve modified the carrier design into a straight back instead of a curved one like the Beco Butterfly II (above) – do you notice the baby leaning onto the model Mum’s chest?

Baby’s head may flop back without if she fell asleep – there’s a sleep hood you can use (just release the sleep hood by removing it from the 2 snap buttons just below the baby’s neck). Nice design.

ERGO Baby Carrier

I kinda like the ERGO baby Carrier (in Galaxy Grey/Galaxy) because I need to backcarry the baby at home in order to get things done!!!

– However, I notice that the carrier seems a bit shorter than the Beco Butterfly – the back ends just below the child’s neck.

– I use the current baby carrier to front carry her most of the time and I don’t think I can do the backcarry easily with it…

– US$110 – I can’t find Cranberry anywhere???

Ergo-Sport-baby-carrier-blackERGO Sport Carrier – Black I know Hubby would prefer to carry the baby or the toddler in this gender-neutral and sporty-looking baby carrier.

– I like its black, clean and sleek design too, which goes with anything I wear.

– But I worry that it may be too big for me. My shoulders measure 16 inches (41 cm) across – I would be considered petite”.
– US$103

– If you’re looking for a baby carrier that both you and your husband can share, check these out:

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  • MH Yap Link

    Hmm.. I read that ergo SSC is better suit a petite size mama…

  • MH Yap Link

    Baby Bjorn is a crotch carrier. The weight is not distributed evenly too since baby leg will be dangling if you get what I mean.

    Beco is an US brand carrier and I suppose the carrier is made in US also.

  • allisia Link

    I like tat Ergo,can back carry. I hv Bjour too and it not suit to Mann as she is 14 mths now. Hv to hand carry her nowaday, tired!

  • Julie Link

    I came across your website because I’m trying to decide which carrier to get. I’m leaning towards the Gemini because the baby can also face outward. I wanted to comment because our local boutique has the ergo in cranberry if that’s the one you choose 🙂

  • Julie – I found that the baby sarong sling is the best – it’s a bit hard to adjust the cloth on the rings but once you get it right, baby is sitting comfortably in a pouch in front of Mummy 😀

    I’ve been baby wearing for nearly a year now and I can tell you that I love the sarong sling because she is happy, calm and she can fall asleep easily without disturbing anyone. When she’s sleepy, I just adjust the sling and let her lie down comfortably while I carry on walking.

  • Kit Link

    Ladies – I’m all for the Ergo too but then my helper asked, “Why do you want to spend nearly RM400 on it? When kids learn to walk, they prefer to walk and not be carried.”

    It is true especially for my boy, which is why my MacLaren Volo stroller is still so new…

    Maybe I should wait a bit because she’s already cruising now. Plus, I just missed a 30% sale on the Ergo!!!

  • allisia Link

    haha… but ho… the moment while u waiting for her to walk u wan to handcarry her bo? My Mann still prefer someone carry her although she can walk by herself since 2 1/2 mths ago.

  • Etceteramommy Link

    Think we are from the same planet. I also have the tendency to buy things and eventually failed to fully utilising them to it’s fullest potential. In this case I can’t comment much. I’m using the normal cloth pouch and it works fine for me. Of all I like the Beco design. :p

  • Allisia – You are right! Think I’ll get the Ergo because I just carried my 8-9 kg all around the supermarket SLEEPING for an hour plus. Ouch, my back and my ankles!

    Etceteramommy – Hehehe 😉 I think I need the Ergo because I have a bad backache. I really felt the strain of the sarong sling strain on my back when she got heavier.

  • jacss Link

    hey…am surprise now only u r getting one? but i also agree, even when the kiddo can walk, they hardly can walk for long & ended up having to be carried too.
    í hate using sling in the beginning, probably bcoz bb was still soft back then but now that he’s more solid, i find it quite comfortable.
    i also got a carrier & i don’t feel good wearing it….probably i didn’t made a good choice, didn’t wana spent too much on it ma 🙁

    so now at this stage, it’s either the stroller or sling !!
    btw, i also like the Ergo carrier….looks sporty & comfort!

  • jacss – I am using a 100% cotton soft carrier since she was 4 months old, which is really easy to put on and take off for front carrying positions. Baby also sleeps well in it.

    However, she’s feeling heavy in the front carry now and I need help to strap her on for the back carry because she is VERY giggly and wriggly! 😀

  • Julie Link

    Is Ergo suitable for fragile baby like Sam which still yet to be able to support her head? Sam likes to be carried upwards resting on our chest.

  • Julie – Personally, I would go for a more structured carrier e.g. Mothercare 2-way carrier as it would provide adequate support for Sam’s head, back and body while allowing to see the fun activities going on around her 😀

  • mhyap1 Link

    Hehehe… I thought you have already bought one. And yet you are still in the midst of deciding one… 😛

  • mhyap – Definitely need to consider a bit since this is an expensive item. I’m not an impulsive shopper 😉