Natural Hair Coloring

Shopping around the local shops in China is really interesting because almost everyone, except for the super swanky shops are “one-stop center shops”.

For example, I passed by a shop selling some high-end Chinese and Western wines yesterday evening. I’m walking by and I’m seeing the familiar shaped bottles, the red-and-golden-hued boxes and then suddenly, I’m looking at a row of umbrellas! LOL

Since it’s the summer turning into spring now, I guess it made sense for the owner to provide this “service” – they may not want their shoppers or the special boxes getting drenched now, would they?

Then, there’s the supermarket. I do my grocery shopping there and will

  • begin with the milk, the juices in TetraPaks,
  • move on to the seafood (avoiding the live prawns although the kids love to see the fish swimming in the tanks),
  • then the meat section for our pork ribs, lean meat (pork and beef),
  • on to the fruits,
  • on to the milk and yoghurt and the frozen mantou and
  • finally to the plasticware, household stuff and
  • toiletries

Turning around the corner where the dishwashing liquid, tissue paper, floor cleaners, towels and bathroom slippers are placed, I find three ladies seated on plastic tools having their hair coloured hahahaha!

Honestly, I couldn’t help being amused but the ladies looked *so serious*, I would smile in a “Looking good, ladies…” kind of manner and move on.

The poor dears – they all looked like housewives. I guess we’re just SO pressed for time, it makes sense for us to squeeze in a styling session right after we get the meats and mantou 😀

The supermarket has practically EVERYTHING under its roof, I woldn’t be surprised if I chance upon horse tack among the brooms and mops one fine day 😉

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  • a-moms-diary Link

    Can’t help laughing at the hair colouring in the supermarket. That’s really a first for me 🙂

  • Kit Link

    A Mom’s Diary – Funny, right? I wish I had one of those James Bond cameras to capture their expressions as they sat there patiently waiting for the colour to set amidst the bathroom slippers, mats and towels!