AVENT vs Medela breast pump

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I bought the Medela Mini Electric breast pump, which turned out to be useless because the funnel / breast shield / flanges were too small for me.

Apparently, the Medela Mini Electric breast pump comes with the standard 24 mm PersonalFit breastshield (made of polypropylene plastic).

Then, I had the chance to try out the Medela Harmony manual pump, which comes with Medela SoftFit breastshields.

Medela SoftFit breastshields are soft and are similar to AVENT’s patented cushioned let down massage cushion and I find both of them equally comfortable.

Medela SoftFit breastshields are slightly deeper than the AVENT patented cushioned let down massage cushion. Can you see the difference in the photo below:


The AVENT breast pump is the hard, clear one (polycarbonate) while the Medela SoftFit breastshield is the soft, opaque one (made of silicone, BPA-free).

A slightly deeper funnel makes a huge difference especially for plus-size women


Medela, Breast Milk Storage Bags, 100 Count, 6 Ounce

Since I had to go back to work in almost 3 weeks’ time, I had to rush out and get the AVENT Isis Manual Pump, which has a slightly bigger funnel / flange / breastshield (made of polycarbonate plastic). And so, I lived with the AVENT Isis Manual Pump, which only allowed me to express milk for about 8 months.

Isn’t that great?

Not really, especially as I got only 2-3 or 3-4 oz per session from both sides and hated every minute of the pump session.

Now, ladies, this is why I have been searching high and low online for the cheapest Medela Freestyle double electric breast pump 😀

Now, ladies, is the chance for me to succeed in breastfeeding!!!

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I had a really tough time breastfeeding my second baby.

Now, I *BELIEVE* that things will get better especially when the Medela Freestyle double electric breast pump arrives at my doorstep soon 😉

P/S Jokes aside, I hope that these posts on breastfeeding will help new mothers-to-be. I was so busy with work, I didn’t have time to check IF I was having a problem or if I had the right breast pump. Learn from my mistakes, ya?

Breastfeeding is REALLY the best for your baby!

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  • Michelle Link

    Like you I bought the medela mini pump first and it only get me 3oz per session. But with the Avent ISIS I could get more than 8 oz. I was happy with it.

  • Michelle – I think the Mini E suction is too weak. Lucky for you the AVENT Isis works. I’m hoping that the Medela Freestyle will work for me!

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