Shellfish and skin allergy again

I have been really busy (what else is new?) the past 2 weeks mainly with spring cleaning the apartment, packing away newborn clothing, selling off baby stuff I didn’t need and also shopping for food for my 6 month old 😀

Not to mention the regular errands like running to the bank, running to the post office, running to meet up with old friends, running to pump petrol (or calling up the car insurance agent when the engine wouldn’t start!) and of course, doing a bit of work.

All this running around, diaper duty and waking up at nights made me lose 6 kgs over a course of 3 months. Am I happy or what? Of course I am, especially as I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and most of my tops again 😉

Unfortunately, all that happiness made me forget that I was a breastfeeding Mum with kids who have eczema and food allergies. Remember my earlier post on the girl’s reaction to Mummy having sushi?

Last week, I had ONE moment of weakness (or forgetfulness) and I thought I’d have char koay teow (stir fried rice noodles with prawns, egg and cockles) for breakfast and decided to just eat the miserly 2-3 tiny cockles…

Now, I don’t like cockles and I usually ask the hawker to hold them. I have no idea what happened to me that morning – guess I was just too tired or hot.

Yesterday morning, I noticed a familiar sign of eczema on my little girl’s smooth forehead and started racking my brains:

“Is the babysitter cooking Chinese porridge with scallops?”
“Is it the Stage 2 milk formula she just started with?”
“Did I eat clams recently?”

While interrogating the babysitter on what she was cooking each day for the little girl, I was mentally (and physically counting out the days on my fingers) running through my meals the past few days.

EUREKA! The eczema was due to the breast milk I’d frozen on Friday that was fed to the little girl on Monday. And yup, Friday was the darn day I ate those darn cockles. Sheesh…

Luckily, it was just one tiny spot of eczema but still it stood out. It wasn’t as bad as the baby acne breakout she experienced a few months back.

Don’t you think this Mummy needs some spa treatments or shopping sprees just to relax and breathe again?

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  • Angeleyes Link

    Aiks! It happened to me too!
    Few days ago I ate some frozen oysters my hubby bought for me and that very night Baby G ears all flared up! Then her eyes were swollen the next morning…

  • Angeleyes – Oh, dear! Looks like she’s got a shellfish allergy too because that’s what usually happens to both my kids 🙁 Glennie’s case sounds major. You need to stay away from the oysters for now…

  • Paik ling Link

    So sensitive huh? Did you have it as a kid too? By the way, good job on losing the weight!!!! I am soooooooooo envious 🙂

  • jacss Link

    having allergy is really troublesome when it comes to food selection heh. after my 2nd month, i noticed i had breakouts on my body…. kinda getting serious & i hope it’s only temporary due to hormone change. dread to think that i’m having allergy coz i never had it before 🙁
    hey…how come can lose weight so easy wan….me only dropped 3kg so far i think, grrrrrr 🙁

  • Paik Ling – No, my skin is as tough as leather. It’s the other three people in my life! Hey, I saw that you’ve lost some weight too! 😉

    jacss – Hang in there. My skin was adjusting too but it’s getting back to normal now. Hair loss has stopped too, phew!

  • a-moms-diary Link

    Tell me about post-natal hair loss. It was scary looking at the amount of hair I shed each day. Thank goodness it’s back to normal now, which also means a thin head of hair 🙁 Good job on the weight loss.

  • Loko Link

    nice one, grate post

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