Breastfeeding and food allergies

When I had my boy, I was determined to breastfeed him for as long as I could because I read that boys are more likely to get:

  • asthma;
  • eczema and
  • food allergies

Thankfully, he didn’t develop asthma and his eczema is under control but he is allergic to shellfish e.g. clams and scallops. How can I tell? His eye and ear will swell up and turn bright red. I think it itches too as I recall him batting at it when he was a baby.

Strangely, he isn’t allergic to prawns.

Once, I indulged in some spicy crab during lunch with colleagues. To my horror, he broke out in red rashes all over his body! The poor boy. You can bet I stayed away from ALL shellfish after that.

When I supplemented with formula in the early months, I also found that he was allergic to Anmum, Dumex and another brand I can’t remember now? Thus, I was kinda pressured to keep breastfeeding him!

Recently, I find that the baby girl is allergic too – probably to the same things as her brother.

Why? Hubby brought me out for a nice Japanese lunch to discuss my job and I pored over the menu *carefully* before settling on some fish udon and 2 tiny, tiny, tiny rolls of salmon sushi.

The poor girl woke up the next morning with yup, one swollen eye and one swollen ear! Since it was the Labour Day weekend, we decided it wasn’t worth seeing a medical officer about it since all the paeds will be off.

She seems more sensitive than her brother because it took more than half a day to ease off. I couldn’t bear to look at her poor swollen eye and ear but Hubby assured me that we’ll go see a doc IF it doesn’t go off by the evening. Thankfully, it did.

I’ll be taking her to see a paed soon once I shake off this nasty viral flu just to check up on her overall development.

Lesson learnt? No more sushi or seafood-y stuff for Mummy!

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  • Hi there! Chanced across your blog while surfing around… Guess prawns are in a slightly different group of animals so your son probably was sensitive only to the others! In our case, my son reacted to dairy, so I had to go off all milk products. No ice-cream, butter and the likes!

    All the best for your job search, I can understand how tough it is being a SAHM cos I’m one too (and a book nerd as well!)… Oh, and regarding cameras, its best to go “test drive” the models you are interested in. I personally feel the Canon dSLRs have a more user-friendly layout to all those buttons, but that’s just my view!

  • Wow quite potent eh. I think they will grow out of the allergies over time? Bryan had CMPA from 9mths but after he turned 2yr it just went away. Just like that.

  • my friend kid has H1N1 injection at clinic.

  • Check the bed sheet and environment around. Sometimes may due to that too. Take care.
    Mee too, hyperallergy and that’s the reason i wan to breastfeed. ^8^

  • Jus – Thanks for dropping by and feedback. Thanks also for the lesson on animals LOL I have disagree with you about the Canon but that’s because I’m a Nikon fan 😉

    Paik Ling – It doesn’t seem to be like that for the boy because he had some seafood-y soup recently and blooop! up swelled the ear. Sigh. Anyway, it’s easy to cook for both of themlah since I only need to omit stuff like that. Hubby and I can get our shellfish fixes when we eat out.

    Sherry – This is related to H1N1???

    Allisia – Ya, I need to keep the bedroom really clean and dust-free or the kids and Hubby will sneeze and sneeze and sneeze!

  • Jocelyn Link

    Hi. Was just wondering, how did the alergy reaction look like? Does it look like mosquitoe bites kind of red spots? My girl yesterday broke out on her whole body, face, legs and hands. But till now, I am still unable to identify what is she alergic to. So far, did not touch any seafood nor introduce any new food to her.

  • Jocelyn – I’m not sure how old your girl is but if I were you, I’d bring her to the doctor to check it out since the rash is all over the body.

    In my case, signs of allergic reactions in both my kids are:

    a) brown eczema spots on the forehead, arms OR legs but never at the same time

    b) flat, red rashes all over my son’s body (like measles) which itch like crazy! I didn’t know he was allergic to shellfish then and overdosed on clams and crabs during a lunch out with colleagues once. Worst moment of my life.

    c) Reddish, swollen eyes and ears – The most serious when I supplemented with formula on my boy/girl during the early months. If they had a fever, cried continuously or slowed down in activity, I would have brought them to the doctor IMMEDIATELY.

    Thankfully, they were still themselves and I just breastfed them as much as I could or gave them loads of water.


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