Breakfast for Kids

Coming back to Malaysia, I find that I need to prepare breakfast for the boy to eat at home or to go to the preschool.

In China, the preschool serves this daily menu ALL prepared in their kitchen:

  1. Breakfast man tou, bao, congee serve d with powdered milk, almond milk, peanut milk or soybean milk;
  2. Lunch – fried rice or rice with chicken/pork and a bowl of soup;
  3. Snack – fresh fruits and
  4. Dinner – Noodles in soup (mian tiao) or rice with dishes AND a soup.

In Malaysia, the preschool serves this:

1. Breakfast

– white bread slices spread with kaya (spread made with egg yolks, sugar and coconut milk); buns filled with cheap, sweet jam or biscuits! Kids drink plain water from their water tumbler.

2. Lunch

– fried rice, rice with one dishΒ  i.e. bits of chicken, chunks of sausages (!!!) or congee.

3. Snack

– biscuits or breakfast leftovers and

4. Dinner

– same as lunch.

Now, for a country like Malaysia that is known as a food heaven of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other foods, I find it shameful that our children are eating such a poor diet in the kindergarten.

We need a Malaysian Jamie Oliver to start a revolution in our preschools and schools!

After complaining to Hubby about it, I decided to prepare and then pack breakfast for him.

Here’s the first week’s menu:

Gardenia Toast’em Raisin Oatmeal bread with half-boiled eggs

He was first attracted by the purple plastic bag the bread comes in and actually likes the bread dipped into half boiled eggs πŸ™‚


Gardenia Toast’em Raisin Oatmeal with butter and strawberry jam

The next morning, he asked for the same raisin oatmeal bread again. When I asked what he wanted with it, he said “butter and jam”. I decided to pack it in the Thomas lunch box he got as a present last year.


While cutting the sandwich, I asked if he wanted strips or squares and he said, “Square!” Ok, order noted down. The lunch box came back empty πŸ™‚

Banana and peanut butter sandwich

Sliced bananas on peanut butter is my personal favorite and it’s the ONLY way I’ll eat peanut butter.

I decided to try it on him but he said, “Wo bu yao. Peanut butter is not nice!“. Oh, well…


Bleagh…I wonder if it’ll work if I told him it’s Stitch’s favorite sandwich? (Well, it’s actually Elvis Presley’s favorite snack but he had his sandwich slathered with butter and deep fried. OMG!)

Simple french toast

I was telling my Mum maybe my French toast is not tasty enough or moist enough because he liked the triangles but he’ll not eat the toast after one bite.

Since he has a sweet tooth, I tried dipping it in honey for him but he STILL didn’t like it.

Hmm…I’ll try this again and add more milk for a creamier, moister French toast. Hope it works!


*UPDATE* I finally learned how to make French toast. Click here πŸ˜€


Simple macaroni and cheese

My little China man does not really like Western-style food. He’s not a fan of deep fried foods (which is good) and will only take spaghetti cooked in a simple tomato-based sauce (minus the herbs).

Since he’s eating very little cheese, I am almost half-mad thinking of various recipes for him.

In the end, he seemed to like this absurdly simple mac n cheese. 2 slices of Kraft cheddar cheese melted over boiled macaroni LOL!


Hard boiled eggs on toast

This little boy loves anything on buttered toast and I wanted to make half-boiled eggs again today. However, I left the eggs slightly too long in the water and got 3/4 boiled eggs.


Sprinkling some light soya sauce and white pepper over them, I mashed them and spread the mixture over the toast. He didn’t mind eating them but when I asked if it’s nice, he said NO. But he opened his mouth wide “AHHH…” after he finished each bite. He’s as perplexing as a Chinese puzzle O_O

Hard boiled egg, sweet potato and grapes

Last night, we had grapes for dessert and he asked to take them to school. Then, I boiled a sweet potato and remembered the pack of bento food picks my uncle got me:

Instead of giving him several food picks (and cause an uproar among the kids), I let him choose one to eat with the sweet potato. I was glad to see the lunch box come back all empty πŸ™‚

So…does that mean that I’ll start bento-ing? πŸ˜‰ Well, I won’t be going all fancy like some bento Mums but I’ll definitely be packing a healthy lunchbox for my preschooler!

What do YOU serve your toddler or preschooler? Let’s exchange menus πŸ™‚

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  • Lee Link

    nice post. πŸ™‚

  • a-moms-diary Link

    Haha…as I was reading, I was thinking if you’ll become a bento mummy to πŸ™‚ The food served in most kindies are quite standard as what you described, which is so sad rite? But as least he polishes the food you prepared. Mine? *SIGH* I’ll be ecstatic if her bento box comes back half-empty.

  • HN Link

    I always served my boy with homemade cakes/ sandwiches … Sometimes pancakes, he LOVES pancakes!!!

  • BoeyJoey Link

    You’re lucky he eats the food you prepared.

    HQ? He prefers the sausages and soy sauce (!!!) his pre-kindy serves him during break… maybe because he only gets to eat those at home once in a very blue moon *sigh*

  • Kit Link

    A Mom’s Diary – Nolah…I don’t have the patience to cut and decorate nicely πŸ˜› I find that if I asked him what he wants, he’ll eat all I prepare. But he can be obsessive sometimes i.e. he LOVES the sweet potato, egg and grapes combo O_O

    HN – Slurp, slurp…can I visit you? I try to give him protein with carbs lor coz it’s ALL carbs at the preschool.

    BoeyJoey – Hehe, he did ask for sausages when we’re at the supermarket but I said, “You can eat sausages in school!” Still trying to find simple, protein-based meals I can pack for him.

  • Chew Lee Link

    have u tried to use maple syrup on french toast?

    Lucky boy, got u to prepare healthy food for him.

    For my case, I will just let Malaika eats whatever they serve in the kindergarten, which is the same everyday, bread, cheese and ham. When she comes back, I will feed her fruits and some home cooked meal.

    PS. you can try to bake carrot cake I have posted. It’s very simple and yet yummy. Perhaps a piece of carrot cake for you and baby No 2 and also the boy.

  • es Link

    My dd prefers savoury breakfast and I have to prepare breakfast that is ‘cepat dimasak sedap dimakan’ as I’m a FTWM n also she has to rush off to college. Sandwiches can be filled with 1) omelette with cheese 2) omelette with bacon crisps 3) white mushroom cooked with ham or bacon 4) egg with mayonnaise 5) minced pork or chicken with charsiu sauce. Muffins, cupcakes, steamed cakes are some of the sweet stuff that I prepared for her besides homemade kaya and jam. You may also prepare store-bought wontan mee n your son can have it before going to school.

  • whoisbaby Link

    i give him bread with strawberry jam for breakfast. or cereal with milk. but when he wakes up in the morning, a bottle of milk a must for him. so sometimes if he wakes up late, he might skip breakfast until we have early lunch. we don’t have too many choices for breakfast here.

  • Lifejuicer Link

    ya totally dislike the preschool menu but i find the preschool i’ve chosen has is quite good menu and variety as the principal is US educated. havent sent but have set our mind on that one. maybe if im a WAHM one day i can enjoy tapau-ing for the kid.

    basically for my kid, breakfast is half boiled egg or only eats bread with chocolate spread. i’m not happy that he doesn’t fancy any kind of bread for that matter. special ones would be tosai or roti canai with dal curry or porridge at the dim sum place on saturday morning.

  • Kit Link

    Chew Lee – Sigh…healthy breakfast also get sick! Sometimes, I wonder if I should just let him eat anything maybe it’ll be better…Bread, cheese and ham sound good to me πŸ™‚ It’s tough getting any cheese into him.

    ES – Nice ideas, thanks! I will try omelettes again and some of the other stuff you suggested. Wantan mee is out because the kindy don’t really appreciate the clean-up for the toddlers.

    Whoisbaby – My boy loves strawberry jam and butter on bread too. He has asked for cereal with milk but since he drinks his bottle of milk, the timing is off. Will see if I can just give him milk with cereal minus the powdered milk…

    Lifejuicer – Ooh…which preschool is this? You must tell me more ya. My boy will eat ‘roti telur’ now but he doesn’t like dhall. He says it’s sour! Headachelah, trying to Malaysianise our kid.

  • Angeleyes Link

    Though I am one of the Bento mamas, when I started preparing bento for Darrius to be brought to school, you’ll be shock to see what I did… no deco at all!

    This is due to the problem of his classmates love touching his stuff so to avoid Darrius to scream or cry, I eliminate all cute stuff in his bento. I only steam some mantou for him coz he loves mantou and sometimes bread with cheese cut into triangle shapes which he loved. Sometimes I will add in a cereal bar or some cookies.

    I can hardly wake up coz I don’t get enough sleep on most nights so that why for the poor presentation! hahhaaha

  • waa that’s alot to eat

  • jacss Link

    yes, i absolutely raise my hands agreeing to home-made breakfast for school-going kids in our country….a little of ‘hard work’ on our side, but it means a real good start to their day!! i felt extremely peace leaving for work once i see my boys stuffed their stomach full with home-made breakfast. kindy might be a little better in their menu than public school…but still…i’ve no trust πŸ™ Apart fr b/fast, i’ve no choice to let them eat the food serve during lunch in their after-school care centre.
    yr breakfasts look absolutely fine & good…i do serve some to my boys too πŸ˜€
    keep up the good work !

  • Kit Link

    Mat Amit – O_O You think so? It’s a really small box!

    Jacss – You know what? The boy seems to like the idea that Mummy prepares him something everyday πŸ™‚ Even if sometimes I forget to buy the raw materials and just end up with a chocolate bun from the newspaper vendor LOL He still wants Mummy to pack him breakfast…

  • zmm Link

    I just think Malaysia’s school are lazy and not trying hard enough.

  • Kit Link

    ZMM – YES!!! I find that they spend too time on homework and worksheets and marking instead of healthy home-cooked foods for the kids. Sad and stupid…