Yum Berry – The Strangest Fruit

I’ve saved the best for last and I think that this fruit deserves a place in the Guinness Book of Records because it’s the strangest fruit I’ve ever eaten in our Chinese kitchen.

Called “yang mei” (yumberry), it’s about the size of a lychee but has a most unusual texture – a juicy version of a brush rug??? It has a hard medium-sized seed in the middle which means you only eat the ‘bristles’ around the fruit.


I’m not sure if it’s found anywhere else in the world because yumberries bruise easily with a dark reddish juice which stains permanently i.e. not easy to transport and export!

Small yang meis or yumberries (size of gumballs or big marbles) are available on the very last days of Spring but larger, darker coloured ones (ping-pong or golf ball sized) start showing up everywhere when the days get warmer.

It’s wise to soak the yumberries in salted water to get rid of any little bugs hiding within their juicy, sweetish-sourish bristles 🙂

Guess what? The yumberry (or yummy berry) is touted as the latest superfood as it’s rich in anti-oxidants (vitamin C) and is good for your eyesight, cholesterol and gastric problems!