How to choose a Coach handbag

After this super-fast shopping spree at the KLIA Coach boutique, Hubby has probably marked that area as a “DANGER ZONE”. You see, I NEVER thought of buying a Coach handbag and merely popped into the outlet for a peek at the prices…

This cute handbag caught my eye first but when I tried it on, I felt that it was too small to fit in my wallet, mobile phone, tissues, wipes, snacks, mini cosmetic pouch and of course, the tot’s water bottle!

Furthermore, the handbag’s short strap means that I can’t really be hands-free.

I went for this black beauty next and loved the length of the strap but when I stood sideways, the bag looked kind of bulky. As much as I like the shape, it didn’t look right on me.

Plus, Hubby went, “Black AGAIN???”

The sales assistant brought me this two-in-one handbag to try. It’s a large hobo bag which you can either sling on your shoulder or strap it across like a body bag.

Hmm…really practical and I loved how the light khaki and ivory print looked on me 🙂

Caressing the bag lovingly, I asked about the material and was told that it’s fabric with leather straps. Naturally, I asked if it would stain easily and the sales assistant tactfully told me that it would need “tender loving care” LOL

As much as I LOVED the print, I know the handbag wouldn’t stand a week of handling by this careless Mum with a reckless, sticky-fingered tot!

Then, the sales assistant showed me the same handbag in 100% soft cervo leather, which looked like a nice, dark brown. I loved the smell and feel of the mottled leather, which wouldn’t scuff easily.

Plus, I have been on the look-out for a dark brown handbag to break out of my “black” era even if it’s still a dark colour LOL

Trying the handbag on, I loved how the bag falls nicely as a shoulder bag AND fits snugly as a body bag.

If I strap it across my body (and bulging belly), then I’m a cool, on-the-go, grungy Mama.

If I sling it over the shoulder, I’ve got a more presentable look. The two-strap style is also pretty interesting… 🙂

By then, the tot was ready to bankrupt us because he had taken several small COACH bags to try on himself (imitating Mummy!!!). Another nice COACH sales assistant was telling him,

“Don’t touch boy…please give it back to me. If you scratch the bag, uncle wil have to pay for it, you know.”

Hubby started giving me the evil eye and we swung out of the COACH shop fast. I asked Hubby what he thought of the bag and he said it was nice and that I could buy it as a treat for myself since I’ve been working so hard the past few months…

I was a bit miffed that he DIDN’T offer to buy it as a present for me but I sighed and said I really like the bag. It was the *PERFECT* bag for me since it’s:

a) practical,
b) scuff-free,
c) not ostentatious and
d) a lovely, lovely soft leather

I told him that even if he wouldn’t buy it for me, I’d buy it myself. He said, “Really?” I nodded and he said, “Go get it then.” I immediately swung around and went back.

After examining the handbag for defects and firing 20 questions at the sales assistants about care, warranty and etc, Hubby said he’ll pay for it.

HIP, HIP, HURRAY!!! Because he saw that I (the ultimate Scrooge) am wiling to part with my hard-earned work-at-home Mum money for the handbag, he knew I’d thought long and hard about the purchase i.e. it’s no impulsive buy 🙂
You should see the silly grin on my face as I waltzed through the KLIA express, immigration and customs with my new Coach handbag. Hubby couldn’t help remarking, “I wonder how long that smile is going to last…” (Grr!!!)

He can say whatever he wants – I’m over the moon about my beautiful COACH handbag (now safely tucked away from chocolate-covered fingers and face) only to be used when I am with ADULTS LOL. So, you likey me new baggy? 😉

Sigh…funny, right how a silly thing like a handbag can bring such joy to a woman?


Just, just, just in case I ever get the chance to buy another COACH handbag (or Hubby decides to just ‘reward’ me with another handbag for the second baby LOL), this is the handbag I’ll drool over next!

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  • haha…..what a reward for you, lou kung so nice heh…despite the test on you, LOL?? i actually like the khaki & ivory MORE as to me, Coach must comes with their signature C imprint, haha….. anyway, yr pick look elegant too !!

    KittyCat: Ya, what a test, right? Err…actually I don’t like monogrammed items coz it’s like free advertising, which is what makes branded items sooooo pricey LOL

  • Welcome back and hurray for getting a new Coach bag!!…is it the 4th pic bag you getting?

    haha, sure in cloud 9 with the good bag on shoulder, i totally understand how you feel..I also cannot understand how a bag can bring so much joy in us, for me till today I still overjoy with it..really worth every penny…your next choice also a good one, i love the design too… I tried it before…the 2nd one also not bad..

    Your hub so sweet to pay for u…

    KittyCat: Yes, I got the 4th bag 🙂 I guess I’m just happy for FINALLY getting a brown, soft leather bag I’ve been dreaming of for a long time LOL

  • ooh nice! so sweet if hubby! didn’t know ur into coach.

    guess ur back home? will email u soon. 😉

    KittyCat: I’m not into Coach or any particular brand actually – I just wanted a brown, soft leather bag and it just happened to be Coach 🙂 Hey, catch up soon ya!

  • oh. u certainly deserve it. Very well chosen! I hope you’ll get to spend more time with adults only. 😉

    KittyCat: Mott, yup, I definitely deserve it LOL I think my wishes have come true now that I’m home…

  • Envy… Envy~~~~~
    I want to COACH too!! 😛

  • Wah… shiok!!! I love your next target 🙂

  • Julian Link

    GASP! Nice one you picked! I love Coach leather bags as well! Does it have that leather embossed pony cart emblem thingie?

    urhm how much is it? I’m itching to get it now…… DROOLING MAXIMUM… 😀

  • I think you made a wise, practical and beautiful choice. Being a second time mom, the bag looks even big enough to dump all the baby necessities in. I like that the leather looks soft, I have a weakness for soft leather 😛 Very generous of your MOTH.

    But being kpc, I also have a question, isn’t Coach cheaper in China???

  • i like the 4th bag too!!!!!

  • you are a Coach fan 🙂 very nice 😀

  • hooi ling Link

    Hei, friend! You are back! Hurray~ haha…..
    Well, when I saw your title about COACH bag, I quicky go on reading, cos I am looking for a COACH bas as well! Wahaha…… Oh ya, seems like we are having the same taste, cos I like the ALI SIGNATURE HOBO too (but I like the big one cos I have a lot of stuff to put in~ hehe….)! haha…….
    Ok, hope to see you soon! Take care!

  • huisia Link

    envy envy!!!
    how are you? I am still waiting for your pregnant news 🙂

  • now coach kaki eh…:) nice..

  • So nice of your hubs to buy it as a gift for you! Welcome back.

  • Debi – I wish I sold Coach handbags for a living 😀 Unfortunately, no. To buy it, you could click on my Amazon widget above?