REVIEW: The Little Elephant with the Big Earache by Dr. Charlotte Cowan

Last week, when the boy returned from preschool, I told him that the postman had a “present” for him.

Of course, he couldn’t wait to open the box and was *really excited* when he saw these 4 books:

  • Katie Caught a Cold,
  • Sadie’s Sore Throat
  • Peeper has a Fever and
  • The Little Elephant with the Big Earache
  • The Moose with Loose Poops (spare copy!)

He couldn’t wait to read ALL of them that I had to read him the four books one after another 🙂

“The Little Elephant with the Big Earache” was his first choice. It’s quite an exciting story because Eddie the elephant spends a fun day making mud pies (or “sandcastles”) but wakes up the next day with a terrible earache.


He empathized with the elephant when he saw Eddie’s tears, the elephant taking medicine and his Mummy comforting him…

When Eddie visits Dr. Hippo, the boy remembers the stethoscope and the flashlight the paediatrician used when he was checked for bronchitis.

Of course, he was happy when Eddie gets well in time for his birthday party 🙂

We enjoyed reading the book because the story was well-paced and the brightly-coloured illustrations with lots of action by Elaine Garvin held his attention from start to end.

Hey, even Phylicia Rashad from The Cosby Show agrees that it’s

“such a joy to look at and to read”!

I’m thankful that he’s never had an earache because I’ve had it twice and was in absolute agony because I had to fly both times.

I find Dr. Cowan’s guide for parents “Ear Infections Made Easy: Answers to Common Questions” really useful and because she was previously an English teacher, she takes extra care to ensure that the guide has clear illustrations to help non-English speaking parents.

If I may suggest, it’d be great if:

  • illustrations of babies and young toddlers e.g. under 2 and above 2 years old could be inserted in the parents’ guide. That way, parents can immediately refer to the section relevant to them
  • temperatures could be listed in both Fahrenheit (mostly US) and Celcius (other parts of the world).

Thank you again to Dr. Charlotte Cowan for another great book for parents 🙂