REVIEW: Body Shop’s Satsuma Body Polish

I love Body Shop products and one of the items I grabbed on my last shopping trip eons ago at Midvalley City was the Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish at RM31.40.

According to the The Body Shop, the Satsuma body polish is:

“..loaded with exfoliating crushed walnut shells and loofah particles, the sensational Satsuma body polish leaves the skin soft, supple and delicately scented. Containing Community Traded organic honey.”

What I can say? I *LOVE* this body scrub!!!

body-shop-satsuma-body-scrubFirst, the scrub is so concentrated that just a small dollop is enough for the whole body – it’s also got a bit of lather for that soapy feeling I’m used to when I take a bath 🙂

Second, the crushed walnut shells are grainy enough to make the scrub an effective one to remove dead skin cells but not too rough to make the experience an unpleasant or painful one…

Third, I love the fresh scent of the Satsuma, which is PERFECT for this pregnant woman’s extra-sensitive nose that’s turned off by a multitude of smells now!

When I’m having a particularly bad day (either due to exhaustion or something I ate), I immediately think of taking a shower with Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish. It really lifts up my spirits, leaves me clean and of course, sweet-smelling after that…

After each shower with the Satsuma Body Polish, I emerge sighing and smiling so blissfully that Hubby has even asked to try it LOL

At first, I said NO!!! but since he’s been such a great husband and father, he deserves a little pick-me-up too 🙂