New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions?

This December, I decided that I will make a list for 2009 to keep myself on track.

1. Aim to SUBMIT and PUBLISH at least 1 article per month.

2. Read at least ONE newspaper or newspaper headlines every day (haha, you can guess that I hate reading the news. It’s always something depressing or shocking anyway…)

3. Write down a to-do list EVERYDAY.

4. Say NO to online chats, Facebook-ing, Friendster-isations, emails and blog-hopping until I do some serious writing! (yes, this sounds cruel but many of these FUN activities are keeping me from achieving goal No. 1)

5. Remember to either a) boil pak chan soup once a month, b) eat pak foong pills once a month or c) drink essence of chicken once a fortnight! (I’ve been looking pale and feeling rather tired lately…)

6. Sleep no later than 12.00 AM!!! (except on deadline days of course)

7. Eat more fruits and veggies. Drink more water. Eat less chips!!!

8. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

9. Get off my bum after every 1 hour on the laptop. (Staying active is ALWAYS better than popping any pill)

10. Make time for my Hubby and son 🙂

Hmm…here’s my top 10 wishes for 2009. How about you???


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  • that’s a very good revolution, i think i should start making myself one new year revolution as well =)

  • as a mom..i think number 10 should be the top priority…

  • as a mom..i think number 10 should be the top priority…

  • may all ur wishes come true. happy 2009!

  • Great stuff!!! Good luck with them.

  • Even the moisturize part is a challenge for me! Taking care of a family while taking care self is no easy job.

    Eat more fibre should be in my list too haha!! darn those constipation.

  • I like your resolution #5. It’s been ages since I took pat chan, pak foong pills and essence of chicken. I probably look much older than my age due to lack of “poh”ness 🙂

  • no more blog hopping? you sure can make it? Hahaha…

    pakfoong pills are good..

    Happy New Year 2009!

  • You think you can resist #4? 🙂

    I really need to work hard on #11. Bought so many books for Jonathan but yet to start one.

  • I like the No.11 but most of the time we bought books and … got missing half way. Failed..failed..failed. This time, follow you and MUST make it happens. Thanks reminding me.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for both the encouragement and temptations!

    Julie & Hsunleong – Another mother and a nice auntie have joined the challenge to read with their kids. Join inlah. We’ll encourage each other ok?

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