Food poisoning!

Just when life is ordinary again, something else strikes. I’d just discovered that I’m not pregnant, our nice neighbours have moved out and now, the boy has a fever and diarrhoea!

You know I cook everyday? On Saturday, I took a break and instead of Chinese food, we decided to try Western. We ordered pizza and spaghetti from a local chain. That evening, I had severe diarrhoea…

The next morning, Hubby had diarrhoea. The boy was OK until late Sunday evening when Hubby said he had slightly runny poo.

On Monday morning, I couldn’t wait to drop him off at the school because it was the first day of my period and I’d been having giddiness this past month. However, he fought me all the way up to his classroom!

That evening, his kindy teacher called to tell me that he’d pooed in his pants. Poor guy…poor ayi

The boy reported the drama,

“Pants dirty! X pangsai (Hokkien=pooed) ohh…shoes dirty! Oo sai (Hokkien=there’s shit)! Chee-cher (Teacher) take cloth wipe floor!”

Last night, he ran a fever of 38.4 deg C. Paracetamol is the hardest medicine to feed him – when I force it down with a syringe, he’d blow bubbles with each gulp! In the end, I had to talk to him again. He agreed but he wanted the PINK (Panadol) one, not the orange (Uphamol) one.

Like the last time, I find Panadol ineffective in bringing the fever down. I gave him 6 ml according to the instructions but halfway through the night, I still find him hot. I sponged him down and got him to drink water. A few hours later, I found his clothes damp from sweat – I changed them and dozed off.

This morning, he’s better but the fever returned. Because he has to eat something before I can give paracetamol, I’m frustrated he wouldn’t eat anything. He rejected:
– the delicious pork and liver congeeI made according to the recipe!
– a banana,
– pink jelly I made or
– the char siew pau or dim sum Hubby brought back from his dinner last night.

He’d only eat 3/4 of the miserable frozen maize man tou he sometimes have for breakfast. When he can read, I want him to read this entry so he can see what a pain he is as a fussy eating tot!

It’s dinner time now and by hook or by crook, I’m gonna get some congee down this little rebel…

God, it’s maddening dealing with a very NEGATIVE toddler!

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  • Angeleyes Link

    Oh dear! Poor boy… hope he is better now.

    He is quite good in relating his daily happenings to you now hor? So cute the way he talks.

    I think I am a wee bit luckier than you that my monster will wallop anything I gave him, sick or not.

  • a-moms-diary Link

    Oh dear, hope he is better now.

  • Lifejuicer Link

    What an ordeal especially when ur alone without relatives…

    Jeremiah has tendency to be fussy also but he is 70% parapu dal curry (instead of water) so I don’t if that’s good or bad. If I make something out of the ordinary he might not eat it although its delicious and it pisses me off too. He won’t eat bread either which is easiest to prepare. Roti canai and tosai which you need to fetch from the shop he will eat blindfolded! That’s what you get when you have a half Indian kid.

  • mott Link

    poor kid. and mum and dad.

    I think rice water helps. either that or barley water.

    I’m sure he’s better by now. take care

  • Hi Kittycat, not one of your good weeks, huh? Hope everyone okay…
    regret read you not pregnant?
    No problemos, can always try again….check out Chinese Zodiac then get baby on an auspicious month. Ha ha.
    You keep well and have a better week, Lee.

  • Vien Link

    Oh dear, definitely not a good week for you. Yes, rice water does help but if you’re lazy like moi, just let the diarrhea runs its course. Make sure you get some electrolyte drinks into his system.

  • Paik Ling Link

    Hydration is key in diarhoea cases. We had TONS because didn’t realise that Bryan was actually allergic to the milk so we thought he had diarhoea for 2 months!!! Don’t worry about the food too much – toddles are not likely to starve themselves. Just keep the fluids coming. You take care (of your sanity) too!!

  • Syn Link

    oh no, hope he is better now?

    haven’t had a case of diarrhoea with the girl, only loads of constipation issues so can’t really help you with this. but of the fever, it’s been so common with us too. it’s good that after talking to him and reasoning with him, he will allow you to feed him the medicine but weird that it didn’t work for him. it works for rye li all the time. his taking 6ml already? rye li only 4.5ml still and i used to give her 5ml as i thot it shld be higher from her growth. but her doc said her weight indicates 4.5ml.

    if he’s not as fussy as rye li in drinking other stuff other than water, perhaps you can boil him something 2 drink 2 hydrate him back?! no wonder he’s at home with u for 2 days.

  • Kit Link

    Angeleyes, A Mom’s Diary – Yes, he’s better now, thank God! After my ‘boot camp’ , he’s eating better too LOL
    LifeJuicer – You should be an expert in Indian curries by now, eh? I want to prepare a dhall curry one of these days as I think I’ve got all the ingredients. He loves dhall curry with capati and roti canai too! We can’t wait till Dec slurp, slurp…
    Mott – I didn’t know barley water stops diarrhea? Been giving him for the heatiness.
    Uncle Lee – Yup, we’ve got to try harder. Any auspicious month for a baby girl 😉 ?

  • Kit Link

    Vien – will you believe that the ORS is the one thing he will not drink? He said, “Not nice…this one kiam kiam!” Aargh!

    Paik Ling – OMG, 2 months, diarrhea? Lucky you found out in the end. He won’t starve now hehehe wait for my next post.

    Syn – I’m mystified by the Uphamol too and yes, its dosage is higher than Panadol. Yeah, I think meds go by weight – I recall paed telling me I’ve got to give him 5 ml as he’s already 14 kg. He’s been drinking pots and pots of barley 🙂 Will try chrysanthemum tea next!