Cloth pads

Unlike breastfeeding, it took me a long time to decide to try cloth menstrual pads.

I imagined that:
a) Cloth pads would smell, stain and ultimately, be a mess to wear and wash!
b) Cloth pads would NOT be as absorbent as disposable menstrual pads

Cancer-causing dioxin is in most types of WHITE bleached, disposable materials

After finding out that cancer-causing dioxin is in WHITE bleached, disposable materials e.g. toilet paper, sanitary pads, baby diapers, writing paper, nappy liners, I decided that it’s time to make a change.

Can you believe that I’ve used more than 12,672 pads (48 pads x 12 months x 22 years) from the day I started getting my periods?

I’ve got quite a heavy flow that lasts an average of 5-6 days AND I’ve got the cramps to boot!

Periods are definitely one of the I hate about being a woman 🙂

When I find that disposable pads are expensive and packed in cutesy little packs in China, I decided to switch to cloth.

After all, I’m going to be at home most of the time…I can easily dash for the toilet in case of emergencies.

After reading reviews and asking other Mums, I decided to shop online and tried the cotton bamboo velour and cotton bamboo fleece next.

Cotton bamboo velour vs cotton bamboo fleece

Cotton bamboo velour feels like velvet while cotton bamboo fleece is like a comfy old t-shirt. Although I prefer bamboo velour, I find that bamboo fleece absorbs better and stays soft after several washes.


– Wearing cloth menstrual pads is very, very comfortable! Forget “cottony-soft” claims on disposable menstrual pads, this is REAL cotton.

6 Pieces 10 Inch Regular Bamboo Mama Cloth/Menstrual Pads

Imse Vimse Reusable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads with Wings (Regular, Natural)

– Since we’re advised to wear menstrual pads for NOT more than 2 hours, these pads provide adequate absorbency for that period of time. Fussybutt menstrual pads come with wool backing to prevent staining.

No smell! The smell actually comes from the mix of menstrual blood with the chemical-and-fragrance-laced disposable sanitary pads.

– Instead of adhesive strips, these pads have “wings” that snap-on below your underwear. Despite the wool backing, I find that sometimes the overflow stains underwear especially when I’ve been sitting for a long time.

(EDITED: I experienced this with the Regular sized pads only. No leaks from using the L and XL sizes at night.)

– My way around this is to remember to change to a fresh pad once I know that the current one is almost up. Since it’s so comfortable, I tend to forget I’m even wearing a pad!

Menstrual blood stains a few of the pads, especially the cotton ones, which offer better absorbency compared to the cotton bamboo velour. Although I’ve tried soaking them in a salt solution and hanging them out in the hot sun, light stains are still visible.

– In the end, Hubby just told me to live with them LOL Heck, if he doesn’t mind them, why should I?

1. I take the laziest (and most water-saving) way to wash these pads. After use, I soak them in a small pail to drain the blood. Then, I throw them into the washing machine with our regular clothing.

2. I was advised to buy at least 10 pieces for sufficient use.
I bought:
– 4 regular sized, 2 large and 2 extra large.
The 2 XLs are used for overnight, the 2 Ls are for the early days’ heavy flow while the regulars are used for the rest of the days.
Personally, I think that printed cloth pads are easier on the eyes 🙂

Rovtop 5pcs 35cm Sanitary Pads Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads + 1 Mini Bag

3. I have not tried these pads on the go as I have not bought the bags specially to stored soiled pads. But I know many MOms who do!

4. Prices: Regular sized cost RM43, Large is RM50 while the X-Large is RM58.

This is NOT a sponsored post 🙂

I love these menstrual pads but wouldn’t mind trying out other brands for comparison. And yes, no more disposable sanitary pads for me 🙂

Got any questions? Ask away!

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  • “I can easily dash for the toilet in case of emergencies.”.

    That line really makes me was funny anywhere I looked at it. Although I don’t wear any of it but my girlfriends complains about overflow all the time. I guess she’s the same kind with you. =)

  • Hmm….sounds quite icky to me ler…

  • huisia Link

    the pads are good, very environment friendly 🙂

  • hmm.. i was thinking of trying these after i received the email about the chemical in pads…

  • although not into bentoing, but finally u found something to spend, haha…

  • errr i’m starting to think that i’m the only male reading this blog..LOL

  • I am one of those who wear them on the go. I am so comfortable in them I will never ever go back to disposable. One really got to try it to know it, the difference between cloth pad and disposables.

    I, however, do not fancy fussybutt so much though. I find that they do not contain leaks as well as some others that I prefer

  • hey, welcome to the club then!! hehehe yes, I am a cloth pad mom too! And always feel comfortable in them! 😀 I’ve started to use cloth pad once I started cloth diapering my son, now he is diaper less but I am still with cloth pad hehehe Never think to go back to any dispo stuffs again lerrr.. 🙂
    psst, why don’t u try the ‘Ultimate Heavy Flow Organic bamboo velour Pad’? I like it so much, so comfy! 😉

  • Whoa..Kittycat..we’ve gotta talk about this..but let me google about it first.

  • When comes to washing it… a bit geli ler. Especially the blood water 😛

    Besides, my mil separates male & female clothing to be washed in the machine! Doesn’t allow to wash women’s underwear with the washing machine… sigh.

  • ..interesting. hv been thinking of going cloth as well… just hv to use up all my supplies first.

  • I saw this in the recent Parenthood Fair. I can’t imagine when I’m in the office, where to put the used pad after changing the pad every 2 hours. So if I am stuck in a meeting of more than 2 hours, that’s it…I will have bloody stain on my skirt.

  • Life4Hire – Don’t laugh! Be glad you’re not a girl ok? I don’t know if you’re the only male reading the blog but you’re definitely one of the few who comment! Thanks so much for your support 🙂

    Paik Ling – It’s really icky the first time but after 3 months, I’m OK already. Trylah…it’s good for women’s health.

    AllThingsPurple – I haven’t tried it yet as I haven’t got those wetbags. Do you have a heavy flow? It’s the main reason I went for Fussybutt. Tell me what you use.

    Taty – Hahaha, thanks for welcoming me into the club! Yeah, I really don’t like dispos now after trying cloth. Still struggling a bit with the waashing though. Must learn from you! Ooh…another brand?

    Vien – Let’s talk! Are you ever on chat? We can email also due to the time differences.

    Ryan’s Mami – Mmm…it is lor but it’s blood from your own body what. You know what? Your MIL sounds like my old Ahma! Very old-fashioned lady ya…

    Mott – Go for it! I’m stocking up on new ones and eager to try different brands. Got to wait till we go back though coz shipping’s SO expensive fr M’sia to China.

    Julie – There are these cool wetbags to keep them. For long hours, you could try the L and XL sizes because they work well for me at night. No leaks! I should amend my post to note that the leak happened for the Regular size only.

  • Hui Sia – They are environmentally-friendly because we will throw away less disposable pads every month 🙂

    Angeleyes – Yeah, I got that too. Give it a try?

    Chinnee – Hahaha, I’m a very practical person. Wish I have the patience and talent to bento though…then again, I think not! Lucky for me, Lucas loves eggs and bread 🙂

  • Woooottt….I love supporting other people..maybe more people will come forward and give feedback soon ! Fingers crossed !

  • Good on you! Another convert! 🙂
    I was icky about the geliness part, but you know, I got used to it, and now I wouldn’t want to use any dispos anymore. Am trying to give my old ones away too! LOL.

  • looks like i’m so outdated! didnt know this is coming back (i know our moms’ and grandmothers’ were on this but of course not so changgih). wow, i guess in terms of health, this method is much better but in terms of convenience, i will stick back to the disposal pads. i dont have time for washing these and moreover, i dont have direct sunlight in my condo. kudos 2 u for using them.

  • shilla Link

    aiyo got goosebump on my neck…. after so many chucking the used pad away, now if i were to soak first and then wash… euwwwwwwwwwwww I solute you lahhhhhhhhhhh

  • I have been using cloth pads for 6 months and I found out that they’re very comfortable instead.
    I used AMAZ pads and Homemade mama.

  • Personally, I find it a little icky so I haven’t tried because of this. I know I should but I need to know how these perform on the go since I’m working the whole day and I can’t possibly be carrying used pads around for meetings etc 😛

  • Life4Hire – Really nice of you. Sorry, I’m a bit busy to blog hop now but will visit you soon ok?

    Giddy Tigress – You too? That’s good.

    Syn – Yeah, it isn’t that convenient. The drying area in our apartment back home doesn’t have direct sunlight either, which is one of our pet peeves. At this point, I wouldn’t dare suggest you try these mamapads!

    Shilla – I soak and then throw the water away! I DON’T touch the bloody water 🙂 After 2 soaks in a small pail, I’ll squeeze the water out and chuck them into the washing machine.

    LW – Are AMAZ sold in Malaysia? I try to buy only those sold in M’sia to save on shipping costs.

    PB – For women on the move, there are cool-looking “waterproof” bags to zip/twist them in. Personally, I haven’t tried because I hate to imagine the effects of heat and time on them…

  • Why does going healthy & going green have to be soo exp…at least initially.

    I have thought abt this, but i couldn’t get pass the icky feeling (yet). And i think my hubb would mind seeing them being soaked at the bathroom.


  • i think this is the entry with the longest comment so far in your blog..or am i wrong…but anyway, congratulations !! a good start !

  • Hi KittyCat, perhaps I should rephrase. I do use Fussybutt although I don’t like them for menses. I do use Fussybutt’s panty liners. Can be really pretty with their zebra stripes and their cow prints.

    For heavy flow I much prefer Home made mama, Cyclez, Endura and Happy Heinys. For mamapad bags, I love love love My Beautiful Girl wetbags and Happy Tushies wetbags. They are so pretty ! Will blog about it one day.

  • oops. just remembered. the zebra, cow print minkies I mentioned above are from padded perfection. Easily mistaken cos both type of panty liners are same size and both are of minkies-like. my fussybutts are plain orange though, not animal prints. sowweeee…

  • wow. i think my mind is still trying to adapt the acceptance. i’ve been on tampons for years and even the regular pads irk me. but i read about the bleach in those products and it also got me thinking to change.. just that it takes a lot of getting used to.

  • Hello Kitty cat, Amaz is only available online from USA, and each time they restock, it’ll run out in just few minutes. Hard to get them but if you do, you’ll be very very satisfied.
    I’ve tried several brands of overnight pads and none beat AMAZ’s-overnight, no leak at all even on very heavy flow. And they are cheaper then Home made mama because the windpro can be sold separately. Go check them out at

  • true what Elvee says, she started mamapad way before me. I read that Amazpadz are highly recommended but me being picky (ie not liking those mamapads with inserts and snaps ons like Amazpads and Lunapads and prefering those pretty animal minky prints and those all in ones) had not gotten them. But I have heard really good stuff about Amazpadz at Diaperpins.

  • Shooi – The cost is OK to me lor since a pack of pads cost around RM15 (double in China)? The health benefits outweight the costs in the long run really.

    I can’t think of a way to ease your hubby’s ickiness…mine just isn’t (which surprised me greatly). Maybe he’s obsessed with his wife not spending more $$$ hahaha Try that?

    Life4Hire – Thanks for keeping track of it 🙂 I’m *surprised* as I’m only sharing the recent lifestyle changes I’ve made for health & cost-saving reasons. I’m happy as I love a discussion. Kinda boringlah being away from Malaysia…

    AllThingsPurple – Hmm…I keep hearing Homemade Mama and Endura. Can we get them from Malaysia or Australia? Shipping all the way from the US is EXPENSIVE. Thanks for explaining Amazpadz…I don’t think I’d like menstrual pads with inserts either!

  • Constance – Tampons have always gotten bad press. I’ve never dared tried one coz I have this phobia of it being stuck in me should the string break!

    I’m not “forceful” on most matters (although I’ll make my point) but when it comes to health and safety, I’ll say “Try, try your best!”

    LW – Thanks for the details and the link. Amaz Padz sound good! I like the snap on, snap off idea actually. Great…they’re always sold out. As I HATE shopping, looks like I won’t be able to try them unless a kind soul who loves to shop can buy them for me when they become available 🙂


  • KittyCat, you can get homemade mama and Endura from Sandra of

    Sometimes she brings them in.

    But I got most of mine from homemade mama herself cos I am so picky about the colours and the prints I like. She has fabulous tie dye and gorgeous colours (if you manage to snap it up quick. I also mail you. check your mail

  • this is cool..
    life4hire told me bout this..
    and i’m glad.maybe i should buy it for myself cos my flow quite heavy..

  • AllThingsPurple – Ya, I’ve been to Sandra’s store but some stuff seems out of stock. Will keep looking 🙂

    Callister – Good of Life4Hire! Try them for the benefit of your health, not for the heavy flowlah.

  • wow, this is the first time I come across this. I remembered my mum telling me that my grandma sew cloth to be used and rewash.
    For me, sometimes I’m using an all natural ingredient in a special made pad without bleach. It’s quite expensive to use, so I mix it with normal pads.

  • Babysmooches – Hahaha these are the modern versions of what our grandmothers and mothers used! These cloth pads are the reasons why they NEVER had health problems like we do today. You should try a cloth pad and see 🙂

  • Another cloth mama..hehe.. I love endura and homemademamapad, and now padded perfection, very soft and soesnt stain at all..hv u try them?? 🙂

  • Bonnie – You too? No but I do want to check out other brands.

  • Yes, I’m a cloth mama too..*GRIN* Grace of Shah Alam is the only one I know that selling padded perfection though, try check out her site at And she told me that this batch of Padded Perfection will be the LAST BATCH, so u better hurry before it’s gone. I really love PP pad, incredibly soft! U will love it! 🙂

  • Hello, for info: Amaz’ll re stock almost every Monday night around 11.00 pm China time or 00.00 Indonesia Time.

  • Welcome to the club… I’ve been wearing cloth pad for 1 year already and now cloth panty liner almost everyday during my pregnancy… very comfortable compare to disposable… I mean plastic! Haha…

  • i have heard of this cloth sanitary pad before but i have never seen so colourful before! anyway.. i don’t think it’s only environmental-friendly but also cheaper given that one pack of 20 packs is usually RM10 and times the amount we use in our whole life is enough to buy us a lot of things.

    but speaking of it, i don’t think i would want to wash. maybe there should be recycleable pads for women who don’t wish to wash but wish to reduce her footprint.

  • Bonnie – Yikes…I was too busy to check out the stock of PP. Guess I missed the boat?

    LW – Thanks for the tip! Will take note and see if I can try AMAZ.

    Sharine – I’ve only been clocking 3 months but *love* them. I need more though!

    Renaye – Yeah, in the long run they are cheaper than disposables. And healthier too! Washing isn’t too tough really once you get used to it. I hear there are eco-friendly baby diapers, maybe they’ll come out with eco-friendly sanitary pads too for those who can’t take cloth 🙂

  • I didn’t know you wrote about cloth pads! Yay for you for switching over 🙂

    If you like the snap on snap off insert type, you can try the Fresh Moon system, I actually like the shape better than Amaz pads and personally i think it’s better made… although amaz comes in pretty prints and Fresh Moon is just plain color (unbleached organic cotton or bamboo velour)

  • Li – I’d love to try them but that’ll be months to come hehehe 🙂

  • I would like to try Momiji Natural first since it is the cheapest I can find (‘,’)

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