Hello Kitty

I stumbled upon a REALLY CUTE Hello Kitty car! Everything from the front to the back is decorated with Hello Kitty 🙂

I couldn’t believe my eyes – and quickly snapped 3 quick shots before going back to minding my own business. I need to be quite careful about snapping photos here as I’m sometimes told,

“Xiao jie, bu ker yi pai chang!”

Can you believe the attention to detail? The owner must be a No. 1 Hello Kitty fan as she’s even got a special Hello Kitty emblem for the front, like what you’d see for a Ferrari, Merc or Proton.

Even that sunshield strip has the words “Hello Kitty” on it! Unbelievable…

Hello Kitty car

Check out the head cushions, the upholstery and even the side panels! I think even the steering wheel cover and handbrake and gear shift had Hello Kitty covers 🙂

This lady is very colour coordinated – I love the way everything matches to perfection – even if some of the interior motifs are not all Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty car interior

This lady covers all her bases and leaves no stone unturned 🙂

In my entire childhood, teenage or adult life, I have NEVER seen a car as coordinated as this cutie!

When I showed the pics to Hubby, he commented that the boy MAY just own a car with a Thomas the Tank car decals (stickers) when he grows up LOL

Hello Kitty car back

One thing’s for sure, she maintains her car well. Even though it isn’t new, it’s very clean and well-kept. And I sure would like to know her, even if I could get into the car and enjoy the cuteness for ONE second.

Now…has anyone seen or own such a car? Do share!

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  • aw Link

    If you look online, you can easily find hundreds of various cars with even more Hello Kitty stuff, from the rearview mirror, handbrake cover, steering cover, dashboard cover, pillows, car paint to even the leather with Hello Kitty monogram. The best Hello Kitty cars are usually the VW New Beetles because they are cute to begin with. Um, this car.. is quite underwhelming when you’ve seen the rest :p

  • hahhaa…cute car 😀 i’ve never seen a hello kitty car before but there are lots of really outrageously decorated ones here…especially with the flag :S

  • Angeleyes Link

    I have not seen a Kitty Car but I’ve seen a Kitty Man! You won’t believe it, we saw this guy wearing all pink (all Kitty accessories) in the bus one night… can you imagine our expression? 😛

  • KittyCat Link

    Aw – Are you a Hello Kitty fan yourself? You seem to know so much! I’m not such a big fan but I love those VW New Beetles 🙂

    Mommy to Chumsy – Oh, you mean for Merdeka? Hahaha…truly Malaysian ma such expressive drivers! Kind of miss those mad Malaysians too.

    Angeleyes – A Kitty man? Hmm…that’s interesting. How come you didn’t snap a photo? He could be the Hello Kitty fan club President or something.

  • the car owner should be a female 🙂

  • oh my God! that is hilarious! cute but something to really talk about. i’ve not seen anything like that! thanks for sharing. this one really ‘die-hard’ fan.. i try to imagine a hello kitty sporty car in Formula 1 now. LOL

  • KittyCat Link

    iCalvyn – We can’t be too sure nowadays 🙂 E.g. I like a lot of manly stuff, you know!

    Constance – Hello Kitty on F1? That WOULD be fun instead of those ‘boring looking’ Ferrari red, MacLaren, BMW and Mercedes speeding around.