Summer Break

Welcome to our new blog πŸ™‚

While I am fitting in really nicely in preschool, Mummy has had a few tough weeks:

1. She caught the summer flu bug

She got it from me but I was up and bouncing after 3 days. SHE had a heavy head, stuffy nose and bad sore throat which made her really tired and c-r-a-n-k-y.

Other than getting me ready for school and keeping up with the housework, she couldn’t do much. Oh yeah, except to change the old blog’s template like…10-20 times???

2. Cockroaches!

Yup, summer here means hot and dry weather, which also means cockroaches other than the flu bug!

Chinese cockroaches are tiny, tiny ones but they show up where ever there’s the scent of food, are downright irritating (DIRTY) and spread as fast as a spilled bag of red beans.

It’s really disgusting as our clean plates, cups and utensils have a whiff of cockroach smell, which means each one has to be washed again before use.

Can you imagine that they even show up while she’s preparing food? This means the minute she marinates a dish, she’s got to pop it into a Stasher silicone reusable .

Although she’d prefer a natural repellent like pandanus leaves, she can’t find them here. Thus, she got a roach trap that would attract them for the next 3 months.

She’s gonna buy tons of airtight containers tomorrow for her mushrooms, dried anchovies, scallops, ikan bilis, hair bee (dried prawns) etc

She’s on a real man(dible)-hunt now because she told Hubby she isn’t going to be very friendly UNTIL they are GONE.

I think Papa and Mummy can be Karate Kids 5 because they can swat a cockroach dead with one fast whap πŸ˜›

3. ‘House from Hell’

Remember our spanking ‘new’ apartment? Well, the landlord must have hired a really good ayi to spruce up the place and hide these ‘gremlins’:

a) The washing machine hose ruptured and floods soapy water all over the balcony each time it’s used. When the water dries up, it leaves behind a layer of soapy dust. We use minimal soap powder but still…

b) The bathroom drain is clogged up with the previous tenant’s HAIR! That’s why each time she drains my bathtub, the water takes ages to flow down. Luckily, a skilled old plumber sucked up all that goop and got the water running again.

c) One of the gas burners blocked up and she had to cook with only one burner for a couple of weeks. When the repairman fixed it, one takes forever to light up while the other mysteriously grew in intensity by itself. ‘Bob the Builder’ says it’s OK wor …GRRR

d) The sink blocks up frequently and ‘Bob the Builder’ has been here twice to remove the clog but still, it happens. The ayi discovered that the sink was leaking and water was seeping into the adjoining cupboards —> causing the wood to rot —> making it a nice, warm and damp habitat for COCKROACHES!!!

e) ‘Bob the Builder’ replaced a new hose and put in new drainers and plungers – no more food clogging the sink πŸ™‚

I think never in her life has Mummy had to deal with so many fix-it situations as these 2 weeks…you can bet she really hates my ‘Bob the Builder’ shows now LOL

4. A new ayi again…and again…

Her friends recommended one that they share among themselves. This ayi is really nice and hardworking but she bothers Mummy because she:

    loves to chat but Mummy is busy working on her laptop on a REAL PROJECT that pays REAL MONEY!
    interrupts her with questions about housework that leads into chats…
    complains about the money she could earn IF she were not helping Mummy and her friends
    • asks Mummy lots of questions about the cost of my school fees, clothes, books, toys etc because she has a little boy exactly my age

takes a really long time to finish the household chores and frequently causes Mummy to arrive late at my kindy and I’ll loudly announce,

“Mummy LATE!”

In general, Mummy is a very friendly and chatty person BUT while I’m in school, that’s the time she does her work at home.

After discussing with Papa, they agreed it’s best to disengage her (she can also earn more money with an African/ Australian/ British foreign family).

Mummy’s getting last year’s ayi to help a few hours 3 times a week.

Thankfully, that ayi is ONLY interested to finish her work fast and go gamble or sleep to prepare for her night job!

5. My school fees are no longer sponsored

This is the biggest blow to Papa and Mummy because my fees come up to about 1,400 yuan/month. Then, Mummy spends about 500 yuan/month on taxi rides to and fro the kindy.

As she’s not working, this is definitely a major, unexpected monthly expense of 1,900 yuan.

Naturally, Papa isn’t very happy with his company (esp as they said I’m too young for school, which implies that since Mummy is here, her job here is to be a housewife i.e. stay home and take care of babies and toddlers until I am 6!).

Homeschool Tigger the Tiger again???!!!

Mummy? She said to just continue with work and see how things turn out.

6. She was homesick :p

We have been away from home for almost 3 months now and she was really homesick for Malaysian food, people, customs, culture and even cockroaches :S

One night, she had a craving for Indian curry and we went to an incredibly expensive restaurant – a plain naan, a garlic naan, simple dhall curry and lamb curry came up to almost 150 yuan!

It’s definitely the first and last time they are eating there…especially since I hardly ate anything. I’m such a Chinaman who loves Chinese food.

Maybe it’s the flu but she didn’t feel like blogging. Or chatting online. Or replying to emails. Or writing. Or do anything.

She’s feeling much better now and hopefully, will shake off the doldrums soon.

7. She was boredΒ 

She had a new culture shock – suddenly, she was free from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (7 hours without me!).

In the first few days, she cleaned up the house. Then, she went grocery shopping. She also went to do some early Christmas and Chinese New Year shopping. She went out for nice, quiet and leisurely meals alone.

As her project hasn’t really started, she didn’t have much brainwork – except to surf the net for that PERFECT template, which is still waiting for her out there…

Her friends’ schedules don’t really match hers as they have longer free time. She missed having me around that she kept me back on Fridays, only to discover that I can tear the house down in a few hours.

Hehehe…I’m now on a 5-day week, which Papa encourages 100% esp as they plan for No.2 next year!

8. Good morning, teacher

In a last attempt to engage in some social activities, she submitted her resume to be a substitute English teacher.

She’s been accepted and is waiting for the phone to ring!

She’s pretty excited about this because she LOVES to teach kids how to read and write. After all, she home-schooled me, right?

This pretty much sums up the past few weeks. Stay tuned for her updates soon on the various trips and all things China πŸ™‚


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  • wen Link

    great blog! congrats on this new home. i hv changed my theme many times b4! hehe!

  • Angeleyes Link

    Yiipppppeeee! Can comment lioa!

  • constance Link

    Congratulations on your teaching job, you new theme too. I wanted to change the theme too but i hear our links might get lost?

  • Vien Link job coming up, eh? Congrats! I hope you like your new job.

  • πŸ™‚ Are you hiding from me after you tagged me πŸ˜›

    ANyway, well done with the new blog. Somemore got domain! SOmething i wanted for a long long time!

    i found something that helps wifey with her milk production…and it is like a wonder stuff!

  • shilla Link

    happy teaching…. i miss real teaching too πŸ™

  • What a nice blog!

    You’ve adapted well living in China. I wonder I could survive living in China or not as both hubby & I also bananas!! πŸ˜›

  • Kit Link

    Angeleyes – Thanks so much for trying! You’re a real angel πŸ™‚

    Wen – Thanks. Phew, I’m glad I’m not the only chameleon here hehe

    Constance – Still waiting for the call! (not that eagerly though as I’m busy without it already). If you lose your links when you change themes, you get them back when you switch on the old theme.

    Vien – I’m enjoying it already, thanks. It’s really great to crank up the old brains again πŸ˜‰

    Stupe – Hahaha, “siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas!” Honestly, I was a bit scared after you did the tag. Wonder formula? Will hop over soon.

    Shilla – Thank you. Still waiting ler…anyway, I’m a bit worried because I hear substitute teachers have more discipline problems than teaching problems! I wonder if I’m just as strict now or more relaxed already hahaha

    Ryan’s Mami – Thank you. I’m sure you can. If bananas and even Indians from India can do, I’m sure you can too!