Disneyland Hong Kong

We’re just back from our Hong Kong holiday. Yes, we’re CRAZY to join the summer crowd. Initially, we wanted to relax amidst the beauty of Hangzhou but in the end, his eczema lotions took priority.

While we were there, we visited this kiddyland. Interestingly, Disneyland didn’t amuse him much because he isn’t a big Disney fan plus it was HOT AS HELL walking around this concrete jungle.

It’s pathetic if your kid isn’t excited in a theme park and both of us had to psyche him up by pointing out, “Look, there’s Mickey! And Minnie…! Oh, Winnie the Pooh…!”

However, this Mom knows that he’s only interested in Tigger. Unfortunately, Tigger bounced into view only once 😛

THEN, we saw and heard this train chugging into Main Street when we walked in:



The real, live steam train got him REALLY excited!!! He was stuck at the miniature version for ages…


I was panicking because the lines were building up and mind you, all the “happy” people in lines get defensive when they thought this Mother and child were cutting queues.

Sigh, I had to make a big show of passing the toddler to Hubby who was holding our spot at the front!

Just so he’d have fun at this place, we rode the train at least 6 times.

He wanted to sit as close as possible to the engine and the driver and hear the bell clang.
Disneyland Hong Kong isn’t that big, with only stops at Fantasyland, Adventureland and Main Street etc, which means we had to endure the radio announcements, fake scenery and fake animals over and over again.

Aaargh…it’s pure torture for us but seeing his happy, excited face made it worth it 🙂

On hindsight, I think we’d do it again and again too LOL


Besides the train, we went for the Cinderella Carousel, which was quite magical for this Mummy – it’s my first carousel ride 🙂

The toddler and I shared a large horse, which took me a while to get my butt up onto LOL


When we stopped, I thought he’d like another go but he couldn’t wait to clamber down. 😂

At the Flying Dumbo, we met one of the most kiasu (Chinese=competitive, selfish) mothers in the world. The lines are well managed yet some parents aim for a particular seat?

The Flying Dumbo can fit only 2 people. Hubby wanted to get into the one in front of us to capture a shot of the toddler and me.

We stood in line, got our passes and headed for 2 seats when the gate opened.

Hubby almost had his foot in one Flying Dumbo when a 6-7 year old boy dashed in front of him and plumped his butt in!

Of course, Hubby didn’t want to fight a ride with a kid but then a lady with a giant Nikon camera ran in and sat next to him.

Considering how late she is, we suspect that she’s behind us in line but got her son to reserve the spot. As there was an empty Dumbo in front of her, we tried telling her to go to that one since Hubby wanted to be with us.

This woman refused to budge!!!

Did the toddler enjoy the rides? I couldn’t tell because he had Mr. Bean’s bored, ho-hum expression during the rollercoaster ride. I think I was more excited 😛

I think his mind was set on trains because when the rides stopped, he went,

“You want sit train!”

He remembers the exact route to the train station even though it was crowded – we let this Thomas the Tank Engine fan lead us there LOL

Then, he had fun driving in this sportscar (see the kor-kors and jie-jies crowding around for a turn already?).

The line at the space car in Tomorrowland ride was too, too, too long 🙁



We headed for the Grand Banquet Hall for the air conditioning and lunch. The poor fella was melting under all that heat – he had his water bottle latched to his mouth and many of his hankies were drenched with sweat.


Be prepared to pay HKD55 (RM25+) for a simple meal of burger and fries, bento lunch or chicken rice.

We spent HKD38 (RM15+) on his kiddy lunch of creamy chicken on rice and a box of Mengniu milk. Seriously expensive and he didn’t even eat his rice!!!


After he knocked off for his nap, this Mummy HAD to plonk her head flat on the table for a nap too…hehe, many folks were dozing away too.

I was SUPER exhausted because I had to haul him all over the place! It was unbearably hot even though I was in a tank top (and ok, a silly pair of calf-length culottes because I’d only packed a pair of shorts).

The toddler was tired from the heat, he wanted me to carry him all the time!

Hubby offered to take him a few times but after a while each time, he’d whine,

“Mummy, carry carry carry!”

With temperatures as high as 35-36 deg C, who wants to leave an air-conditioned room?


When the toddler woke up, we wandered around to see what else we could do at this EXPENSIVE amusement park.

We went for Mickey’s Philarmagic 3D show, which was quite interesting…


You enter a cinema-like room and put on a pair of orange-rimmed 3D dark glasses.

I was a bit cynical about the glasses, thinking that it’s a con job.

Surprisingly, those 3D glasses work!

With the glasses on, the characters and actions (based on “Fantasia” but is a medley of other popular Disney characters e.g. Ariel and Sebastian the crab from “The Little Mermaid” and also “Aladdin”) appear larger than life and seem to fly out at you, almost right to the tip of your nose!

The surround sound system is fantastic because it makes you feel as if Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie and Goofy are in different spots around the room.

The toddler was frightened by a few of the 3D segments (and the loud music) that he ended up on my lap.

I had to reassure him several times that it’s just a cartoon, the characters were not real and also took off the 3D glasses when the characters “flew” off the screen…

Thankfully, it was a brief show because he started crying towards the end.

Disney’s 3D Philharmagic show is too overwhelming for 3 year olds.


Various Disney characters are on site for photo sessions, which again you have to line up for.

Just for the fun of it, we managed a family pic with Donald Duck.

Mickey and Minnie waved at us many times when we were on the train…

We were on the look-out for Tigger but he was nowhere to be found!

Then, we spotted Buzz Lightyear in a corner with only 3-4 people in line and aimed straight for him. Guess what? Buzz goes for a pee break!


Initially, we thought of staying on for the pyrotechnics display at 8 pm but since he didn’t eat a good lunch and was a sack of potatoes in my arms, we headed home.

To make this Disneyland trip more fun for him, we went for ANOTHER ride on the train.

We also had a PURPLE (blackcurrant flavour) ice jelly and a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream at HKD12 each.

The purple popsicle’s quite nice 🙂

I wanted another one but Hubby said NO. Party pooper 🙁

We left at 6 pm because we didn’t want to get caught on the MTR on a Friday evening with the working folks…

Now that we’re HKD700 (2 adult summer period tickets), HKD100+ for food and HKD120 for my Winnie the Pooh cap poorer, this Mummy definitely needs to work (or blog) harder after this…

Will we go back? Maybe when he’s older and if there’s a promotional package 🙂


1. Bring a stroller for your kid to rest in – strollers on rental are HKD50 per day
2. Bring his favourite snacks and water – esp if he’s a fussy eater. Most of the snack foods retail at HK12 each and were those regular dry, tasteless or horribly salty/sweet types which are not exactly toddler-friendly.
3. Wear the thinnest clothes you have, the comfiest pair of shoes and yup, your own umbrella and caps! Unless you want a HKD120 one 🙂
4. Children under 3 years old get in FREE but unless they are big Disney fans, there are only a few rides to amuse them.

Many toddlers were crying from the exhaustion, heat and probably, from the crowd and the over-stimulating environment.
5. Wait times for rides and shows are indicated in front of each booth – we only went for those with 10 minutes wait. We wanted to go for the racecars, which his height qualifies him for but it was a 45 minute wait!
6. The taller your toddler, the better for him/her because the safety regulations in place require kids to reach a certain height 🙂

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  • Vien Link

    Sounds like a big rip off place. Another reason why we are willing to wait till the girls are a little older to appreciate Disneyland.

  • Paik Ling Link

    really sounds fun (and tiring!!)

  • Shooi Link

    I have never been to any Disneyland, but hubb have been to the one at LA. I really wanted to go to at least one but hubb said I should wait till our kids are bigger as it is more meaningful & fun to take the kids than us going by ourselves.

    From your experience, I think I wil have to wait a loooooong time before he will take me to one. (Coz we gotta wait for Dylan to grow up as well)

  • miloh Link

    Haha … I DID warn you about the summer heat! Be thankful that at least it didn’t rain. It’s more convenient to bring a toddler to Disneyland compared to Ocean Park, because the former is mostly flat land, therefore easier for you to push the stroller around.

    Fortunately (or not) for me, Rachel knows most of the Disney characters courtesy of Playhouse Disney Channel, so I know that she will DEFINITELY enjoy Disneyland.

  • huisia Link

    if next time you want something you can just tell me, i can buy it and send to you. 🙂

    so i only think of going to Disneyland during Winter 🙂

  • Iris Link

    The heaty and hot weather is a turnoff for me. Planning to give Disneyland a visit this Nov. I think its coming to winter that time. I hope its not too cold until its a turnoff.:P

  • mott Link

    Ha ha ha…the bit about going thru the rides over n over again..can just imagine!

    I think most of the times, deprived adults (like me) are the ones who are most excited about going to such places…ha ha ha ha!

  • hyperX Link

    So nice that your little boy can visit Disney at the age like that. I once in Hong Kong last year and I didn’t visit Disney, what a waste.

  • giddy tigress Link

    Ah well…what can I say? It’s a small world after all? 😛

  • Syn Link

    interesting how u met some kiasu parents too but i think it’s worst in HK compared to LA. we only came across one at LA and they’re asian!

    hehe, u guys also felt the ‘pinch’ eh – the rides are mainly for him. the things we do for our kids eh. i wld hv loved to go on the adult rides at LA but the long queue was a turn-off. we had no choice but to go along with the kiddy rides jst for the girl.

    the weather u described sounds horrible – i will bear that in mind whn we plan to go there in 2010.

    i’m glad u had ur family holiday too – a well-deserved one!

  • Malaika's mummy Link

    hehe… you came at the time it was the hottest in HK.

    My girl cried at the start of te 3D show, so didnt even manage to watch it. 🙁

    I think Ocean Park is better than Disneyland.

  • lemonjude Link

    Hot day is hard to go places especially outdoor. I love the 3D shows too…since he not like those, may be next time can go Ocean Park.

  • whoisbaby Link

    i’ve also heard that disneyland in hkg is much smaller than the one we have here. there are many rides for younger kids in anaheim disneyland but the lines are always long, even on a weekdays. so we usually end up taking 1 or 2 rides with brandon when we visit it with our annual passes. but we like to just walk around the main street and check out their stored.

  • Angeleyes Link

    What I heard is that HK Disneyland is flooded with Mainland Chinese and they displayed very low-low manners.

    We were on that Dumbo rides too and hubby managed to get the carriage in front so he could take our photos. I also find there are more kiddy rides (for younger kids) in LA… since I din see you mention on those.

  • Kit Link

    Vien – Oh yes, Disney’s descendants & shareholders are *very happy* people, I bet. People were pouring in despite the heat!

    You’re such a dear…we got an SMS warning before the flight to HK but it looks like the typhoon landed elsewhere. While I am relieved for us, I feel bad some other folks got hurt in the Fujian province.

    Paik Ling – It’s fun when Lucas gets excited about it 🙂 It’s really funny how Hubby and I had to do a marketing campaign to get him in the mood. You knowlah, parents!

    Shooi – Oh yeah, I would wait too to get both our money’s and time’s worth of it.

    Miloh – Yes, I know! But experiencing it was another thing altogether. Silly me, I thought it’d all be covered, which explains the HK120 cap! I think Rachel will LOVE it, just thank your lucky stars she’s not old enough to demand for the toys/souvenirs in ALL the stores. We are very relieved Thomas isn’t in any of them 😉

    HyperX – It’s OK only coz he’s not a big Disney fan and also not many Tigger stuff. Kind of expensive for one person to enjoy, don’t u think? If I were there on my own, I’d rather shop, eat or check out their parks haha

    Giddy Tigress – Boy, do I hate that song now…

    Syn – I was REALLY pissed! But had to grit my teeth coz wanna make it fun for Lucas. Sigh, I sure wish the holiday was longer! If you wanna go there, I’d strongly recommend Nov or Oct (NOT the 1st week coz it’s a major hol for China) which is nice and cool. Like Cameron’s 🙂

  • Malaika’s Mummy – Poor Malaika! The music was *so* loud that the kid was startled and if not for sitting on my lap and constant reassurance, he’d have bolted too.

    Lemon Jude – Yeah, we went to Ocean Park too but I think he still likes Disneyland for the REAL train LOL

    Whoisbaby – The lines are also long even on weekdays? Aww…what a turn-off. I hate waiting…esp for artificial fun.

    Angeleyes – Yeah, it’s the most affordable location for them. Maybe the ‘ugly’ Chinese comes out when it involves their kids but I think this lady is from Hong Kong, not from the mainland at all!

  • a-moms-diary Link

    YY is not a Disney fansee so I guess I can save the trip to Disneyland 🙂 But this big kid (that’s me!) wouldn’t mind Disney. Been to the Tokyo and Orlando one – FUN!

  • A Mom’s Diary – I am just as thankful as you are that our kids are not Disney fans 🙂

  • health freak Link

    I want to visit HK Disneyland too. My sil even offered to sponsor us there but it’s just not the right time to go now with 2 toddlers and a baby. We may go next year.
    Hmmmm, eczema is hard to treat. Just use Aqua cream to keep the skin moist and hopefully prevent an outbreak of rashes.

  • Health Freak Mommy – It’s quite a child-friendly place to visit. Just don’t go during the hot summer months!

  • Yatie Link

    HI kit…..

    wow… really make me excited…and i think my kids really can’t wait for the moment

    BTW, what will the wheather this coming march?

  • Jan and Feb would be the coldest months. March would be late winter – best to go in the last few weeks?