We have arrived

The Great Wall of China

Did you know that China has a giant firewall that blocks almost anything and everything?

For instance, we can’t view our blog at blogger.com or any blogspot.com blogs. =( During the time I was napping, Mom visited a couple of wordpress blogs…it’s a sort of “now you see it, now you don’t” game for internet users.

Until Mom figures out the technical glitch, here are some of our first impressions:

The room with a view

A pretty picture of the lake in autumn. The weather now is light and cool, around 21 deg Celcius. Indoors, it feels like a natural air-cond but outdoors, the wind blowing has everyone putting on their sweaters. Wait till Mum gets a nice pic of me in my cool gear, ok?

We have been told that the “lake” stinks in summer! Plus, we’ve seen a boatman fishing for trash in it. Sigh…

Our washing machine

– Every text around us is in Chinese, except well, the brand Panasonic! Which one is the soak function ah?


Eczema attack

I’ve been a tough guy about the cold but I’ve developed a skin rash (dry skin eczema) that refuses to budge even with SebaMed, Nivea or Johnson & Johnson. Mom will check out the Body Shop oil-based lotions soon as I’ve got rashes on my tummy, hands and legs now and scratch them until I’ve been moisturized like 3-4 times a day.

She’ll stop my showers soon and move on to baths instead, as advised by this site. She recalls reading that Eubo or Oilatum is pretty good but don’t think she can find it here. We’ll find out this weekend or if not, we’ll need care packages soon!

See ya later, alligator!

P/S Apologies for any screwy-looking formatting as we can’t view the blog – we can only see it in compose mode.

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  • Zara's Mama Link

    Looks like you are adapting well. Nice place. Nice socks you have on mummy. 😛

  • Peridot&Sapphire Link

    sensitive skin is always a problem when climate changes… hope you find solution for the boy. seems like eveything is fine at your side? Hope you all enjoying and adapting well to the new environment & remember to update on your latest adventures there!

  • mumsgather Link

    Haha. You can read chinese anot?

  • etceteramommy Link

    Finally get to hear from you. Glad you’re settling down. Keep the news coming… 😀 Take care.

  • Shireen Loh Link

    Hey, glad you all arrived safely. Do keep us updated..:-D

  • ryeli Link

    welcome back! was wondering when u will be back on blogsphere…glad to hear that you guys are settling well…keep us posted yea!

  • A Mom's Diary Link

    good to hear that baby and mummy settling in nicely. do write more, boy, and oh! there’s no screwy looking formatting…everything is in order.

  • becky's mum Link

    Glad to know that you are adapting well. To me, chinese is better than dutch ler… Washing mechine here all DUTCH mia…